About Me

About Me


White Light Spirit Healing Practitioner & Healer, channelling White Light

Coming from the corporate world, SJ would consider herself fairly level-headed and that all this spirit-healing malarkey was total bunkum… until a startling awakening.

And that was “something” lightly stepping into SJ’s body.

She says: “It was my mouth, but somebody else’s words; my brain but someone else’s thoughts. And before I knew it, I was declaring undying love for the poor hardworking chap painting our kitchen ceiling.

“One moment I was about to put the kettle on… then I was pleading with this man to explain why he had abandoned me so cruelly, cast me off when he no longer needed me, and left me pregnant, in disgrace and in penury. Victorian penny dreadful or what? Edith Wharton, eat your heart out...

“So I hightailed it up to my office, he cracked on with finishing a gloss coat somewhere, paintbrush in one hand, mobile phone in the other as we continued our 'row' via Facebook messenger! And each time the furore inside subsided, the other ‘voice’ flared up again to fire off another salvo.”

Unsurprisingly, neither the kettle went on nor the ceiling got finished…

But SJ had seen the past, the castle, the family crest, the grand day salon, the abandoned woman’s child snatched away by a disapproving matriarch who had an entirely different consort lined up for her feckless son.

That was SJ’s introduction to Spirit moving in mysterious ways, and a first-hand experience of the ties that can remain in place from lifetime to lifetime, tethering us to past events if we don’t cut these ties.

It’s quite a dramatic way to discover your psychic abilities but fortunately, SJ found someone who could make sense of the experience for her. And she was so intrigued by everything being revealed that she became attuned to White Light frequencies in October 2014.

Since 2016, SJ has been offering healing, guided meditation, workshops, guidance card readings and Divine I AM Transmissions under the mantle of “Love and White Light”.

Her work has shown her a great many things — good and bad. It has made her realise that the vast majority of the problems in the physical world (both at the individual and collective level) have energetic sources.

Yes, we all have things to clear, but we can easily cast these connections off with a little help from our (spiritual) friends…

I’m currently studying for an Aromatherapy Diploma, a few more modules to complete. I hope to integrate oils into my healing practice, not just because they smell nice, but (to quote the old TV ad that will show my age!) by golly, they does you good too!

Essential Oils are a simple way to turbocharge your spirituality by absorbing the precious consciousness (the Akashic value) of the plant. If you want to transcend, sniff an oil. And if you want to transcend PDQ, I couldn’t recommend Oshadhi Essential Oils more highly for their quality, therapeutic value, purity and integrity. This is a genuine recommendation, I’m not an agent or on a referral scheme, just a fan!