Accentuate the Positive, eliminate the Negative…

The Old Groaner and Johnny Mercer had it right (even if their spelling leaves a lot to be desired!)

In a nutshell, you’ve got to e-lim-in-ate the neg-a-tive in your life.

Do not underestimate the ease with which our emotions can undermine us.

Negative emotions are highly destructive and if they take root in our energy fields, they will repeatedly snarl us up until we finally find a way to let them go.

Old hurts, a need to get even, hopelessness, rage, hatred, jealousy, bitterness, worthlessness. All can rise up at the drop of a hat, changing you from a calm, decent, reasoned person into a raging, ranting termagant, out for blood, full of brooding thoughts and bile-filled emotions. (For me as well, until I knew better!)

Passionate, negative emotions can, quite literally, “cloud” our normal state of being and if we keep surrendering to those emotions, we will leave a tornado-like trail of destruction in our wake, enabling our inner feelings to rain negativity all around us – daily, hourly or even from moment to moment.

Of course, you may be thinking, “But that’s OK. I never show my anger, I keep it in. If anyone suffers, it’s me!”

Well, you may be restraining your words, but you need to restrain your thoughts too. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that saying nasty stuff in your head will heal your pain without hurting others. If anything, it makes your pain worse by reinforcing it, you’re just not being honest with yourself as to why you’re doing it…

So even if we never say another word to the person who has hurt us, holding imaginary dialogues in our heads to perfect the way we wish we’d actually spoken up at the time will still cause damage, both in our bodies and that of the other person(s) involved.

Worse, remember that words have power. They’re “SPELLS”. So negative words can conjure up a negative thoughtform that will tirelessly follow wherever we go, all magicked up by the low-frequency words we played in our heads whilst thinking vengefully about someone else…

Further, the remembrance of our pain (re)opens our original energetic wound whilst simultaneously creating one in the person we’re flashlighting our negative feelings to.

Indeed, low-vibrational words fuel toxic emotions so caustic they can burn holes in the energy fields and subtle bodies of those we direct our rage at – and they’re not much good for our energy fields either.

I was shocked when I did this release work on myself. If you could see this flow in action, it’s like a throbbing black, poison-tipped arrow of rage-filled hate, connected back to you by a thread, just so your victim can know where their pain is coming from (Charming!) The more we send negativity to that person, the stronger and gnarlier the arrows become, and the tougher the ties that bind (from fine threads to unbreakable steel hawsers).

The pain also taints our perception if we leave it to fester. As will the second, third, fourth experience of similar pain, poisoning our wounds further. Each time we relive an experience which mirrors the original one, the scar is picked over, reinforced and the pain is harder to overcome.

But that’s not the worst of it…

Each emotion connected with a painful experience becomes compacted in our energy field, becoming our default reaction for similar experiences, so the negativity builds up further. Then, when sufficient pain and rage has amassed, our negative feelings create a “miasma” (an energetic cloud of low-frequency energy) that surrounds us – a veil of angry, vengeful, even shamefilled thoughts just waiting to choke us the next time a similar experience occurs, making the original pain even more entrenched.

At this stage, your pain has grown so vast it is an entity all its own and since it has a negative polarity, it can also be manipulated by the Predator Parasites I alluded to in my last blog post. (Oh joy!)

So even though we think we’ve been doing well in not letting our thoughts drift to something (or someone) for a while, the Predator Parasites reach down and “poke” that dozing thoughtform, stoking up all that old pain in us again (because if we’re angry, emotional, hurt or broken, our energy tastes sooo very good…)

You are not alone. You are not bad or weak. Everyone suffers emotional pain at some point – but what distinguishes us from the next person is the length of time we choose to suffer, and that depends on how willing we are to track back to the source and clear ourselves of triggers that keep taking us to the original event.

So what’s the “Gift” your pain is showing you?

Well, negative emotions show us there’s something to heal, and the good news is we can heal this pain if we choose to.

All the negative emotions we endure are a mirror of our original traumatic or painful experiences. Acknowledge them, forgive ourselves and/or the perpetrator and we can release the emotion. Simples.

But if we ignore them and fudge the work to release these emotions, they will act in concert to create the angry veil which eventually smothers us, leaving us to lead a half-life, extinguishing opportunities for joy, fulfilment and happiness. (And despite how we may sometimes feel, we all deserve happiness. It is our birthright.)

Unchecked, we may even fall into Depression – or perhaps more accurately, Suppression… We become DEpressed because we are so overwhelmed by life that we suppress our rights to feel the way we do over the way we’ve been treated.

Depression acts as the emotional blanket that smothers us, entombing us with our sadness, guilt, shame, anger, powerlessness, hopelessness, helplessness.

Depression is a coping mechanism to shut down our feelings. But the pain miasma smothering us feeds off our sorrow, low sense of self-worth, helplessness, resentment, loss of sovereignty, etc, as well as all the negative thoughts and thought-forms connected to such low emotions. And once our vibration is at rock bottom, we’re trapped in there, generally unable to bounce back without pharmaceutical intervention.

We’re not to blame for the way we deal with our pain, but once we’re aware of it, we need to learn how to neutralise our caustic feelings. For if we continue to fuel our feelings, we leave the door open for larger, even denser miasmas to entrap us.

Daunting as the prospect of the clearing work may be, it has to be done. For emotional pain (in our emotional bodies) translates into physical pain (in our physical bodies). And then our lives may be permanently disrupted at the altar of illness…

So track your emotions back to the first known instance of your pain, perhaps an experience so traumatic you’ve blotted it out completely.

TIP: Look dispassionately at yourself, with honest eyes. Where are you carrying your “pain”? Is it manifesting in your physical body yet?

When we have continuously kept our guard up for longer than we can remember, parts of us can be blocked, twisted, tautened, even shut off because layers of protective “emotional” defence have inserted themselves into our physiologies.

FOR EXAMPLE, emotional pain might manifest in the physical body as obesity, where food equates with love, self-worth, or the only “pleasure” you allow yourself. Or the “dummy” to stop you screaming…

Or it might be that extensive damage and scarring in our subtle bodies is blocking the proper working of our digestive processes – so much so that, despite repeated starvation diets, we only lose one pound in the aptly named “soul-destroying” month of trying…

Wherever our pain sits, our physiologies are thus a reflection of what is uppermost in our minds – so we can get even further out of kilter if our natural fright/fight/flight responses are continuously driven by our negative thoughts (as an unnecessary excess of these hormones and chemicals in our systems can lead to physical DISease).

This is not to belittle the impact of the original traumatic event. But the negative emotions, thoughtform(s) and our programmed beLIEfs can become so entrenched in our BEing and our physiologies they become mental, emotional or even physical pain – all of which colours our attitude to life, our quality of life, perhaps even the length of our lives…

Indeed, our physical bodies may become so imbalanced they start displaying symptoms utterly unrelated to our otherwise apparent good health. Constant lethargy, an inability to sleep, fogged minds, or an inability to think or concentrate all indicate physiologies that do not function properly because of the miasma we labour under.

Or we may have a fiery hair-trigger temper, cocked and ready to go off at a moment’s notice, or be full of angry thoughts of revenge that cause inflammation in the skin or joints.

Whatever our symptoms, they may be the result of unresolved patterns over many lifetimes, and that’s a terrible waste of life and opportunity.

All because we are unaware that we have the power to heal ourselves and shut this veil down, for good.

So go withIN and forgive everyone involved in your pain, yes even yourself!

Get that emotional broom out, you’re going to sweep out all your emotional cobwebs.

EXERCISE: In this exercise, we are going to connect SAFELY with deep-seated emotions, but before you start, let your “inner child” know that they are completely safe and that none of the original incident will affect them now. Remind yourself you survived the event, that you are not that person anymore and have learned a great deal in the process.

Now sit quietly and calmly with the intent of revisiting the original event, so you can clearly and dispassionately “SEE” the negative emotions that you are holding onto.

Go inside, however you do this, and allow yourself to relive the original event, watching it, recalling it, even noting any behaviour on your part that may have contributed to the outcome. (It’s not always everybody else’s fault…) At all times, know that you are protected.

From this vantage point, and in as much detail as you can manage, jot down all aspects of the event, including the people involved, with as much honest “emotional” detail as possible.

Look closely at the event, from all angles. Are there people you have to forgive? Was there any justification for their behaviour? Do you have to forgive yourself for your part in it?

Connect with the cause and drill down to the source of your pain, anger, resentment, shame, desire for revenge, of your inability to move on from this moment. (From this new perspective, you might even see that whilst you were impacted by the event, it was unfortunate but not a deliberate wound, and thus the perpetrator is much easier to forgive…)

TIP: Punching walls can hurt (yes really!) So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your memories, release your emotions by punching an overstuffed cushion or screaming into a pillow, so you don’t injure yourself.

As each wave of old emotion leaves you, keep exploring your feelings until the charge they hold for you has dissolved and suppressed emotions are able to find expression. Allow yourself to feel LOVE and forgiveness, for yourself and for the person who injured you. Keep feeling that LOVE until the old negativity surrounding the incident starts to release. (

You may get lucky and clear it first time of asking. It may take longer. But you will know when it has gone for good – if you think about the pain and there is still some resentment or charged emotion surfacing, sit with it again. However long it takes, you are clearing it, transmuting your pain with LOVE!

When there is no more prickly charge, you’re an emotion-fixing ninja(!), and you can move on to another pressure sore.

Or you might feel able to think about and envision the person you feel an emotional charge towards. Imagine them standing in front of you, looking directly into their eyes…and thus their souls. (Phew! Big energies here.)

Imagine wholeheartedly and sincerely telling them that you forgive them, whilst sending a golden ball of healing and forgiveness from your heart to theirs. This will release the old thorny black arrows from you to them (and from them to you). Because everyone is connected on an energetic level, this releases stuck energy for both parties, even if the other person is not aware of it in that precise moment.

It is a grown-up thing to do – but if that’s a bit too full on for you to begin with, try doing it from afar at first in a safe space.

TIP: If you still feel the odd energetic frisson around an event despite revisiting it several times, don’t give up. It will go. But it is showing you how deep-seated the feeling is, maybe even centred on identical previous life damage. So you might want to imagine a red STOP sign, or say the word “stop” out loud. Then steadfastly refuse to entertain thoughts about that person or event any further. Phone a friend, go for a walk, work on a project that is absorbing and enjoyable or potter round the house barefoot to ground the lingering charge (let every last sizzle of that old pain leave your body). Just don’t dwell on the thoughts…

BUT if we’re honest with ourselves, we may also be experiencing pain, guilt and shame because we caused pain in another person (we’re none of us blameless or perfect here).

Just imagine that same golden ball of LOVE and healing taking your heartfelt apology to another person, it’s fiery loving glow dissolving the threads and poison arrows between you… So beautiful to do; and an EPIC release if done with genuine intent…

It’s really as straightforward as that. So go wholeheartedly after a pain- and miasma-free existence.

Each small step is a step closer to your freedom and higher awareness.

But little steps become big strides – for you, for others, and for an ever higher vibration in the collective consciousness.

Simply accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative – and don’t mess with Mr (Miasma) Inbetween.

Posted by Sarah-Jane Quick

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