Be a daydream believer AND a homecoming Queen…

A chance email from Guru Singh got me thinking today. We’re all focusing on the wrong thing…

In FEAR, we keep our eyes glued to the ministerial COVID briefings — or to our newsfeeds to see what the latest clampdowns on our freedoms are. But that is just watching the dogs, not the shepherds — and it’s the shepherds who eventually lead the sheep to “slaughter”…

Well, that’s not the end I have in mind. And whilst there’s breath in my body, it ain’t gonna happen.

Because where we should be focused is on the future and on personal and collective growth.

Growth is a bridge from the old to the new, the known to the unknown. Guru Singh says “Today’s imagination is tomorrow’s reality” and he’s so right — so it’s time to imagine what we want, and make it manifest.

Don’t just take my word for it. Nearly everything Einstein “imagined” more than a hundred years ago has now been proven — even just recently, his waves of gravity were finally recognised as being a reality.

He was dismissed as a foolish dreamer by many of his peers — yet distinguished scientists now know that our universe is half as big again as previously believed. (One day, the scientific community will also recognise that the known universe is even bigger and much, much older, but that moment can wait.)

So clearly, the Law of GROWTH is a marvellous thing. And growth springs entirely from our heartfelt desires.

A heartfelt desire triggers a tried and tested sequence of manifestation:

  • The desire sets your imagination working on how that desire might “feel” when experienced, and who experiences it.
  • That imagination leads to thinking on how to create it — searching and researching, questioning and repeatedly mulling it over.
  • That leads to a solution, even new discoveries…
  • And all those stages lead us to final implementation and manifestation and either your new reality or ours.

So how would it be if you were even half as capable or half as powerful again than you previously thought, or were led to believe? Not because of arduous sudoku brain training, but simply because you WANTED to grow, and imagined that you could?

At such a breakthrough moment, the only thing holding you back will be the limits you set on your imagination.

In order to discover your growth, you must first IMAGINE that your growth could be there — so search for it, and keep on looking until you find it.

This is how scientists found Einstein’s gravitational waves; how they revealed thousands of extra galaxies in our Universe; and how they found even more content even within our own galaxy than they thought — all these discoveries were imagined, searched for, uncovered.

So, despite what your teachers may have told you, you NEVER waste time when you’re daydreaming, because you are exercising your creativity, and investing in your ability to manifest.

Forget all that focused “learning”. It’s time to remember your desires for these are the maps to your potential.

Be bold, be brave, be foolish, but align yourself with your passion — that can be art, photography, writing, helping the disadvantaged, getting plastic out of the oceans (by not putting it in in the first place) or getting primary school kids to help you plant 100,000 native woodland trees across East Anglia. Your passion, your vision, your contribution to creating a New Earth worthy of the name.

Take courage, align with your deepest desires; then imagine how your life “feels” when these desires are fulfilled. Search high and low for the seeds of your potential — because they create our future Earth.

Plant them all around you; feed them, care for them, nurture them. Bring your potential forward.

Your intention means your desires have to grow and become manifest, for that is Universal law in action.

So relax. Stop working so hard. Take a nap…

Make a new discovery — just where can your imagination take you, or us? xx


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