Be a daydream believer AND a homecoming Queen…

A chance email from Guru Singh got me thinking today. We’re all focusing on the wrong thing…

In FEAR, we keep our eyes glued to the ministerial COVID briefings — or to our newsfeeds to see what the latest clampdowns on our freedoms are. But that is just watching the dogs, not the shepherds — and it’s the shepherds who eventually lead the sheep to “slaughter”…

Well, that’s not the end I have in mind. And whilst there’s breath in my body, it ain’t gonna happen.

Because where we should be focused is on the future and on personal and collective growth.

Growth is a bridge from the old to the new, the known to the unknown. Guru Singh says “Today’s imagination is tomorrow’s reality” and he’s so right — so it’s time to imagine what we want, and make it manifest.

Don’t just take my word for it. Nearly everything Einstein “imagined” more than a hundred years ago has now been proven — even just recently, his waves of gravity were finally recognised as being a reality.

He was dismissed as a foolish dreamer by many of his peers — yet distinguished scientists now know that our universe is half as big again as previously believed. (One day, the scientific community will also recognise that the known universe is even bigger and much, much older, but that moment can wait.)

So clearly, the Law of GROWTH is a marvellous thing. And growth springs entirely from our heartfelt desires.

A heartfelt desire triggers a tried and tested sequence of manifestation:

  • The desire sets your imagination working on how that desire might “feel” when experienced, and who experiences it.
  • That imagination leads to thinking on how to create it — searching and researching, questioning and repeatedly mulling it over.
  • That leads to a solution, even new discoveries…
  • And all those stages lead us to final implementation and manifestation and either your new reality or ours.

So how would it be if you were even half as capable or half as powerful again than you previously thought, or were led to believe? Not because of arduous sudoku brain training, but simply because you WANTED to grow, and imagined that you could?

At such a breakthrough moment, the only thing holding you back will be the limits you set on your imagination.

In order to discover your growth, you must first IMAGINE that your growth could be there — so search for it, and keep on looking until you find it.

This is how scientists found Einstein’s gravitational waves; how they revealed thousands of extra galaxies in our Universe; and how they found even more content even within our own galaxy than they thought — all these discoveries were imagined, searched for, uncovered.

So, despite what your teachers may have told you, you NEVER waste time when you’re daydreaming, because you are exercising your creativity, and investing in your ability to manifest.

Forget all that focused “learning”. It’s time to remember your desires for these are the maps to your potential.

Be bold, be brave, be foolish, but align yourself with your passion — that can be art, photography, writing, helping the disadvantaged, getting plastic out of the oceans (by not putting it in in the first place) or getting primary school kids to help you plant 100,000 native woodland trees across East Anglia. Your passion, your vision, your contribution to creating a New Earth worthy of the name.

Take courage, align with your deepest desires; then imagine how your life “feels” when these desires are fulfilled. Search high and low for the seeds of your potential — because they create our future Earth.

Plant them all around you; feed them, care for them, nurture them. Bring your potential forward.

Your intention means your desires have to grow and become manifest, for that is Universal law in action.

So relax. Stop working so hard. Take a nap…

Make a new discovery — just where can your imagination take you, or us? xx


Want to find out more about Guru Singh and the Kundalini University?
Follow this link >>

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Heaven on Earth | Opening near you soon

It’s been a rum old time recently, especially since the Summer solstice. If it’s not been headaches it’s been stomach aches with me, and I know others are despondent, feel like quitting and we are uniformly struggling to sleep or rest at the moment…

Let’s take a pitstop and recap

The Summer solstice symbolises ascension, rebirth and a return of the light. Spiritually, the sun’s light is considered to be the same light that shines in each being on Earth.

Therefore, to make that light shine brighter, the solstice included rituals to help release old, dark energy. It’s a time to take stock of where you are on your spiritual path and where you might be out of alignment.

So in these locked-down days, it helps to focus (meditate) on the Light within in order to create more abundance in your life. For all we’re going through, the very least we deserve is an abundant inner and outer harvest!

The virus was a part of the attempted planetary takeover which involved hijacking the Elementals (Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Aether).

In all the brooding darkness on the planet created by the virus, you could be forgiven for wondering, “Where is the Light then?”

Where’s all the Light gone?

Well, the simple answer is, it hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s US. And as starseeds, we are the antidote to the attack on the Elementals (or more accurately, the attack on us through the attempt on them).

So more than ever, we need to hold fast to the Light and find the stamina to maintain a slow, steady, continuous flame — not a dazzling but short-lived flare followed by total burn out.

Easier said than done, so unsurprisingly, after this sustained attack, I’m hearing two things at the moment:

(1)   I’m having a hard time, I’m thinking of bailing from your meditation group to get my head together, maybe I can come back later.

(2)   I’m not good enough, not polished enough, not ready enough (etc) to get into 5D…

No problem, I understand. I’ve been through both, know what they feel like, and know what it feels like to come out the other side. So trust me when I tell you you’re being played. It’s just crafty codswollop from Team Dark.

Honestly, the single best place to get your head together is in a group of people all going through similar shitte, where you can borrow strength from other lightworkers snagged in the same tangled web…

And yes, you ARE good enough to make it into 5D (so is your beautiful light!)

So why am I having a hard time of it?

It’s simple. There’s a “bomb” pre-planted on your timeline (we all have them) and it was set to go off if or when you got this far. Take heart from that perverse act, because it means you’re close to the prize — hence why it’s gone off.

The aim is to distract you from your path with sneaky false ideas that you’re not good enough, ready enough, worthy enough, pure enough, deserving enough, bright enough, smart enough, wise enough, gifted enough, understanding enough or even spiritual enough to be in 5D.

Well, that’s just more Team Dark piffle. (And enough with the “enoughs” already!)

Of course, as single entities, maybe we’re not the fully awakened, flawless, finished articles yet — but so what, we were never designed to be finished or perfect on our own! Leave that to the Archangels, eh?

And a word to the wise, even the Archangels buddy up for The Common Good when there’s a skills gap to fill!

You are YOU, so what you bring to the mix IS perfect. None of us is the finished article yet. If we were, we’d all be floating on clouds, plucking harps and volleying violet flames off to transmute shadow nasties.

On my lonesome, I’m flawed, sometimes arrogant, bad-tempered, selfish, judgmental and (hard for you to imagine, I’m sure!) occasionally sarcastic… Meh, so shoot me.

But I’m OK with all that.

You see, we are DESCENDED Masters. We had the balls to answer the call all those lifetimes ago when those other buggers preferred to stay out of harm’s way on their plucking clouds. Unfortunately, we got stuck here in a cycle of reincarnation, and some of the lower world’s bad habits have rubbed off on us.

That said, with you all, I’m the best ME-that’s-part-of-YOU I’ve ever been. I’m still a work in progress. We all are. But that’s OK.

So back up a second and hear/feel/sense this…

If you’re experiencing yourself as not XYZ enough, do not worry. That is the perfect expression of your consciousness for where you are, in this moment, now.

But since each of us incorporates all aspects of consciousness, it follows that you ARE perfect enough to be in 5D. Together, we co-create that 5D. The only problem is you haven’t fully remembered the access code for the gates yet!

BTW: I hate to break it to you, but you will go through exactly the same mithering funk when you get to 7D, 20D, 2000D (but we’ll tackle that then!)

As we starseeds grow, we grow together, helping plug each others’ gaps, melding, supporting, complementing, completing each other. And for our part, we are stronger because you’re here. You make US whole because we get to help make YOU whole.

Guess what that’s called? ONE-ness. And I mean it when I say “leave no soul behind”. Where we go ONE, we go all. WWG1WGA!

So relax, you’ve got this

First off, congratulate yourself for being worthy of being time-bombed.

Then congratulate yourself that you got this far because you refused to stay asleep. You woke up and stayed woke, no matter what was thrown at you.

All you’re going through is a bit of sabotage that the chiselling Team Dark bomb-squad laid across the 4th Dimension!

4D is their last hiding place. Their Bridge at Arnhem if you like. So they want you to bottle it, need you to bottle it… And just for good measure, they lobbed in the virus grenade, the 5G fear, the lockdown loneliness, the struggling to make ends meet times, to make everything ten times worse.

Hear the truth in these words.

So please, don’t doubt yourself. Climb back on the wobble board. We’re here for you, and for us, for higher consciousness and the Greater Good of all — we’ve got you and we ain’t letting go! Lean on us to get your balance till you don’t need to any more. Then pay it forward.

You’ve got this! Love IS all you need.

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Love in the time of Corona Virus

I was disheartened to hear a local Ayurvedic health practitioner tell me recently that it’s our fault we get sick with the aforementioned bussterd virus, because we did nothing to maintain our perfect bodies or perfect health.

*  BTW: the headine is the only place you’ll see me give this virus a name or identity as I will not connect to its energy

Ye Gods! Such lack of compassion or understanding for the underlying factors. Naturally, I disagree, because if you don’t know what you can’t remember, you’re a VICTIM, not a CULPRIT — and as an aside, I’m a bit shocked by the elitism and spiritual gaslighting that’s going round right now.

There’s so much “stay high” happy-clappy at the moment which is passive/aggressive shorthand for ego-led spiritual superiority (I know more than you, I’m better than you). And that attitude only perpetuates the old programming, where we enable someone sitting in judgment of us, that someone else has authority over us.

The hell they do.

So how about we don’t say “stay high”, how about we just GET high instead

This is the ultimate opportunity to see, sense, feel and root out any lower frequencies lurking within our physical bodies. All blocked emotion causes illness. Time to release it and expunge it.

Take stock, where are you right now?

There is a good article here on The Big Whisper and a helpful scale to help you plot where you are right now, to understand what level of consciousness you are running at.

So check in with yourself. Call in your Guides, meditate and enter that NOW moment, neutral, zero point. Where the past has no influence and the future is not yet manifest.

Scan your body, your energy centres, your energy field. What are you drawn to? What are you feeling or recalling? Where do you have aches, pains, sorrows, anger, why are you suddenly feeling resentful or depressed?

Locate what you’re feeling, and where — there may be several thoughts or feelings coming up.



Well done. Now take heart. (Incidentally, that’s “heart energy”, funny we say that but have forgotten why!)

Put your attention on your feelings or thoughts. You are now going to give the density “form” (a thought construct) so that you can transmute it, and remove it from your energy field with whatever healing practices you use or access.

Take time to sit with your experience and emotionally purge whatever comes up, whether that’s inner child stuff, understanding the source of your guilt or shame, the helplessness you feel, or the need for acceptance or self-love, etc.

“Form” involves constructing something from the old frequency that we can hang our hat on and then label. Perhaps you are shown it as a colour, vibration, level of light. So it can be labelled the “Dark Red box” (or whatever). It’s possible that as we start to isolate it in our physical bodies, we may experience old feelings, emotions, regrets or seeing them play out as past life recall. (Don’t worry about this, your Guides will be there for you.)

When we begin locating these feelings, and naming or labelling our new “form”, we begin integrating it — bundling the old wound into a manageable package, organising it tidily, giving it order and boundaries. Accepting it for what it is (or was), either in us or to our ancestors who weren’t able to release it before passing it forwards in their DNA. The low energy gift that keeps on giving. (Why do you think illnesses run in families?)

In accepting this “form”, we start transmuting it, and start removing it from our physical body for our divine light body to reclaim it and without judgment, releasing it to Source, however you do this.

We transmute from a state of love

We do this from a state of love, from our hearts — for ourselves, for our ancestors (who might finally be released from this vibrational level and able to move on) and for our future selves, so that we and our children’s children are released from this low frequency vibration, for ever.

We might have lived off low vibes and become sick because of it, our future selves don’t need to…

Gods having human experiences

All the above is what it means to be human (or Terran) but these denser frequencies that have dogged us and our ancestral line over time are now more easily transmuted, alchemised, than ever before.

And it is vital we release the old. It was the old excessive focus on our (manufactured) needs and a loss of awareness of the Earth, Sun and Central Sun frequencies that have been factors in the loss of our energetic balance, with ourselves and harmony with the universe.

Sure, we are a collective of gods having a human experience, but because we’re also Terrans, we’re also currently plugged into the wanton, imbalanced collective consciousness that capitalism and consumerism has created.

We were once openly connected to so much more than an Xbox — we lived alongside the elemental realms, the elements themselves, the sacred mountains and noble trees, the animal, insect, marine and plant kingdoms, the crystalline and mineral kingdoms, inner earth beings…

So by taking time to recalibrate ourselves emotionally, we start (re)creating a right relationship with all the dimensions we dropped our connection with through imbalance…

We get our balance back through this work, but more than that, as damage to these other realms was because of their proximity to us, so do they. And they need it and deserve it.

Check in at least three times a week to see if any lower vibrational density is still hiding.

Rinse and repeat till these feelings no longer persist.



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Winter is a necessity if Spring is to come…

You may not like the time you live in. You may feel there is nothing good about being here, right now… You may feel everything seems hopeless, in a world run by big business and small politicians only interested in feathering their own nests.

But how about you see this time as an opportunity instead.

Opportunity Knocks

We were all born for a reason. And we are here to learn certain lessons during our lifetime. So “Wintertime” is the perfect time to do that. After all, if we didn’t take stock in winter, how would we ever move forward?

The “gift” in Winter is to have the courage to give up our fight and let winter settle in. Because surrendering to winter gives us time to think about the future, for everything on the plant, in a considered way that is not possible whilst we persist in running Capitalism as our default operating system. And our boot disk is so-called Progress. So continuing to run outdated notions in the hope that we will achieve year on year growth to the detriment of everything else, well that truly does signal a bleak midwinter.

Winter is a time when we can all slow down, reflecting on our relationship with others and with our natural world — acknowledging how its riches, the environment and the poorest people are currently exploited to produce what is really nothing more than fripperies.

Make it a time where we reflect on the things we genuinely need.

To do this, we just need to step away from our false path. There are so many ways we can turn our backs on capitalism and the plunder of the planet. The easiest way is probably to shuck the constan tcommercial tyranny of purchasing that season’s New and Spangly possessions, where marketeers have programmed us with the notion that the latest phone, gadget or fashion trend shows we are people of importance and discernment.

This woeful myth has merely accelerated our destruction of the planet. We ditch perfectly serviceable goods, in order to replace them with the next Oki-Koki 2020, in the false belief it will make us happy.

Actually, all the Oki-Koki 2020 does is suck us (and the resources of the planet) dry.

So now is a time for a spring-cleaning old attitudes.

I would like you to sweep through your house on a pre-Spring reconnoitre. Take out everything that has languished at the bottom of your drawers and cupboards, and think about your relationship to them — taking time to notice just how much “stuff” you have that means precisely nothing to you, stuff that just adds to your clutter. The clothes you’re never going to diet into, the language course you’re never going to finish, the extra bedlinen you bought in the January sales but never used.

Question is, what do you do with everything once you’ve decided what stays and what goes?

Well now, here’s the twist. Most domestic goddesses and spiritual energy gurus will tell you move it along to a charity shop, recycle it, repurpose it. If you need your space back, this is perfectly valid.

No throwing stuff out just to declutter

BUT, I am going to be a bit perverse and argue against (most of) the Kondo-styley decluttering fad. I am putting the case that we do not throw anything away just to declutter.

If we simply throw our “stuff” away, we lose the richness of the past whilst perpetuating the cycle of buying into “newness”, snagging ourselves in its commercial tyranny ever more.

We can keep ourselves free of clutter and the cult of newness by giving away things to others we are certain will use our things well. Or we can use them as resources for our next up-do project: it is amazing how much can be reused if we become less stuck in our thinking about something’s potential purpose.

Think of it… A world where we are all able to both let go of things easily, as well as truly honouring them. Where the past becomes a glorious resource that enriches our lives rather than enslaving us to the eternal call for progress. Perhaps even a world where sharing our surpluses becomes the norm.

Working this way we certainly create a state of Winter.

But it also gives us the time to prepare for a real Spring, one built on the treasures of the past rather than on our wrong thinking. A world where we respect our belongings and treat them — and the land they came — from with respect.


The process of organising for Spring is hidden within rightminded thinking and action in Winter, a time for us to practise gratitude for the many blessings in our lives.

So we don’t just ditch and run, we look at each item with fresh eyes.

  • Is that coat really feeling the love shoved at the back of the wardrobe?
  • Would those outgrown toys have more fun at a children’s playgroup than in a box under the stairs?
  • Is that book you’ve never read happy to collect dust on a shelf for the next 10 years?

If you’re struggling to release old belongings, don’t beat yourself up. You may well find it easier if you try showing them some respect instead. Hold each item in turn and offer your gratitude to it before deciding whether to place it in the keep, donate or up-do pile.

If you’ve inherited some items, your ancestors will thank you too, showering love on you for honouring them by honouring their belongings…

Think about it. A house full of nothing but abundance, respect and gratitude. And you’re radiating all that out to the world.

Damn but that feels good. And I can feel you from here…

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Let’s co-create the World we want to see

So we’re awake. Now what?

So we’re awake, or at least awakening. And we’re awaiting (some more patiently than others!) Some will have fully realised their roles and potential; some will still be wondering what to do with the insights and fledgling gifts they are recognising.

But uniformly, we’re all asking “So what’s next?”

Well, now it is time to start aligning our thoughts and desires for New Earth with our inner truths and feelings. Change is tantalisingly close and abundance is available to all, but we need to cement it into our lives by creating the probability that it will enter.

Our thoughts are cocked and primed for CREATION — so once we have given thanks for what we have, we’ll start using that same energy to create what we want.

Trouble is, as we don’t wholeheartedly yet believe in our ability to create anything on our own, our feelings still hold the old imprinted fear that we can’t. So we don’t.

This is what limits our creativity — the fear that we are just not “enough” of what we need to be to create what we desire, whether for our highest benefit, or the highest benefit of all.

Thus, we need to establish ourselves in CLARITY, where we understand what “creation” can bring about for us, so that we can be clear about what it is that we desire.

So visualise what it would be like to have your desires manifest. (BTW, rubies are said to enhance mental clarity if you are currently lacking in that department. A quick note to Santa perhaps?)

Better yet, simply DREAM your desires (and the rubies) into being!

When I was a kid, the lunchbreak “cool thing” to do was juggling two balls against a wall. (Such innocent times.)

Sadly I just couldn’t sync my hands. I could throw the 1st ball at the wall or pass the 2nd ball from my left to my right hand. But then, I’d spectacularly drop both.

So much did I want to master this, I dreamt about it. Naturally, in my dream I was A-MA-ZING — with everyone marvelling at my dexterity and cheering me on. Buoyed by their applause, higher and higher the balls went, and further and further I stood from the wall…

When I awoke the next morning, I was there but also not. Guided down stairs by someone or something, I ignored my parents’ exhortations to have breakfast. Instead, I scared up two tennis balls and went outside to give the juggling a fresh go…

A snapshot entered my head of the dream I had had; and my hands were “nudged” into the right rhythm by my invisible someone. With that nudge, there I was, juggling like a pro… and feeling ecstatically happy, high, exultant!

Well, cute story and all, it’s not about playground glory any more. However, it does tap into exactly the same energy flow for manifesting what we desire for the world.

Take time to recall how glory FEELS…

What feeling do you get when you think of a planet without imbalance, pollution, disharmony?

What do you feel when you think of a “happy” planet, where everyone supports each other, helping the least amongst us to achieve? (Heck, where there isn’t even a “least” amongst us anymore?)

Or what feeling do you have when you think of the unbounded flourishing of our forests, flora, fauna, wildlife?

And when you genuinely give heartfelt thanks for your gifts and all you have, how does that feel?

It’s a kind of thrill, an excitement and quickening in the blood, a rush of new energy stimulated by our thoughts. It’s a change in our frequency; the impetus behind manifesting our desires.

Each of us is the co-Creator of our Reality

With true gratitude and being mindful of our feelings, it is simply not possible to toss off blasé thanks for what we receive.

With true gratitude, we are genuinely appreciative of what has been presented to us. Giving thanks for the food we eat, the beauty that surrounds us — or for our physical comforts, the comfort derived from loved ones, beloved animals, or friendships, for finding work that fulfils us, and all the things that bring satisfaction, pleasure, joy.

There it is again, that thrill at our good fortune.

FEEL how wonderful this gratitude is — FEEL the incredible energy it creates within you, coursing through you.

Thus, no matter how hard daily life can sometimes tear us down, we need to remember that our feelings make us intensely powerful — with creativity and abundance to spare and share from within our thoughts, feelings and dreams.

Each of us is the co-creator of our reality, and responsible for lifting the current reality on Earth.

Thus by being present and mindful, and offering thanks from our hearts, we create change, because the Universe listens to what we are expressing!

And the Earth listens too — so does every plant, tree, bird, bee, butterfly and wild creature! The change in you changes the creative spark in them, leading everything to flourish.

And because you are radiating this glory, that’s what the Universe and Mother Earth will keep on serving up. Ever increasing glory!


Do you live near a body of water? Why not take some time over the weekend to SING your gratitude for water to the water — so the water can carry that creative energy throughout the planet, spreading love, spreading joy, firing up the creation of change.

Whenever you find yourself near a body of water, try singing this lilting Algonquin Water Song, because the water has memory. It is alive and it is also listening. But it may yet need a helping hand to realign itself with its true nature (because of what man’s careless actions have imposed on it).

This Algonquin song means: “The water is the life’s blood of our Mother, the Earth. Water is the life’s blood of our own bodies.”


Nee bee wah bow
En die en
Aah kee mis kquee
Nee bee wah bow
Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey
Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho

Sing it FOUR times, each time making a quarter turn to face one of the four cardinal directions, in this order: East, then South, West, North.

As we heal and bring balance to the waters of the world, this exchange restores balance and rightness to us as well.

And the more balanced we are, and the less doubt we have over our innate abilities, the more we can create…

If getting to a body of water isn’t an option, why not sing this song to the Skies — with the intention that the WIND whispers up a gentle breeze and carries your loving creativity to its good friend, WATER.

The Algonquin Water Song expresses loving gratitude for the water and raises the consciousness and connection of women with Mother Nature’s greatest gift.

Their hope is that millions of women will sing it, raising their own connection and awareness of the water they interact with daily (even if it’s only in the shower or at the sink). They believe this is a powerful step to change, leading to both a spiritual as well as environmental shift on our planet.

Water within the Air, the aether of life, co-creating with the amniotic fluid of the planet to promote life and growth, in abundance, for all.


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Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…

Breaking the chains that bind

Just checking in. How’d you all get on with September’s energy? Up, down; loving, angry for no known reason; huge bursts of energy, then apathy… All of that no doubt, and all at the same time!

September was a huge month for energy which brought many extraordinary revelations to both the personal and collective consciousness. And it was probably a bit rocky for some of us. But if you thought October would be a time to catch your breath, think again – a further burst is on its way with the 10/10 portal opening next Thursday.

Celebrated each year, this year’s 10/10 Portal is arguably the most transformative it’s ever been – for it’s time to reconnect, recalibrate and recharge our lightbodies, and time to dive deep into our shadowlands to explore, to throw off anything that no longer serves us and select the best parts to bring into our new life in the light.

Are you ready?

Nope, none of us really are! But if you’re reading this post, you’re on the right path, and we can get you to that point soon.

We’re very good at sweeping things under the carpet, especially when they hurt too much to pick over. But this will not do any more. Holding all this old stuff in our energy fields just acts like ballast to weigh us down.

The entrance to this portal is surrounded by all our unresolved shadows, old wounds, feelings of not being good enough, worthy enough, brave enough. But oh my, how tantalising the glorious light is on the other side, if we would just step out of the shadows, step through to a land of lovely golden light.

Some of us have of course made it through to 5D already. This golden light is the light of the New Dawn, the sunrise of New Earth. A glorious place but perhaps still a little unknown… So the known is familiar, and we could be forgiven for perhaps loitering by the gateway, reluctant to step through…

But it’s time to focus on the Light, not our past shadows. If you’ve made it this far, you want to step through… Our dithery-ness is because we’re frightened of a world that we don’t understand. The sun is incomprehensible to those who have never seen it (or not seen it for the longest time!)

When I was about seven, I got a heads-up as to what it was like. I awoke from a poignantly beautiful dream. I’d been to a place of such bliss, joy, love, gold that words cannot do it justice. The skies were that divine not-a-cloud-in-the-sky blue, I seemed to be on an island of pure silver-white sand in an ocean of aquamarine waters, bathed in the most beautiful golden light. Cherished by a love so sweet that I could do little more than bite back tears at the loss, basking in the memory and the glory, not wanting to move or leave, just to BE there a bit longer.
I remember thinking in my dream “At last, thank God, I’m home!” but sobbed uncontrollably when I awoke because I was still here on Earth. I learned to dismiss it as dream. But 50 years on, I still remember that love, and the yearning to be back in its midst.
One day soon, please…

And so we cling to our more recent memories. Of being in the darkness, taunted by the shadows, feeling shame or guilt for our actions, helpless to rise up, separated from those who’ve already made it through, and dismissed by those who do not remember what we’re rising up towards anyway.

But take heart. We ALL feel a bit like this. And we just need to remember that the way out of our individual and collective darkness is through the Light.

Fear keeps us in the shadows; so do our unresolved wounds. Our pain can keep us here, but the shadowlands are not what is going to heal us, or lift us up.

What is going to heal us is boldly stepping into this beautiful new energy – and not looking back.

2020 is the year Heaven on Earth is restored. So on this 10/10, more than ever before, we are being offered the chance to break free from those habitual chains that bind us, and to explore who we really are, where we need to be individually and as a collective, and how we move forward together.

It’s no coincidence this prep work for 2020 is happening this month. October is the month of Transformation and is about death, regeneration, rebirth. It’s about choosing to go through the dark night of the soul and coming out the other side stronger. It’s a time for releasing your pain and “grief” (for the part of you you thought you had lost) so that you are ready to be of service to the world. So stand up, walk through and let the world see the new you.

The week before the 10/10 Portal

As with other portals, it isn’t just one day, there are seven days of reflection and integration either side.

So from October 3rd onwards, it’s time to start bringing into our awareness all that binds us to the old energy, the shadowlands of you. Start journaling around:

  • What has chained you in place?
  • Be honest, go deep, be true to yourself.
  • What are you chained to?
  • Look at things which don’t serve your highest interest. Behaviour patterns around people, sex, food, fags, drugs, money, gambling, control.
  • Are there people and relationships that don’t serve you?
  • Is it your job or unwanted responsibility, or an outdated sense of duty to putting others first that stops you fulfilling your potential?
  • Is it body image, or prejudice that has put the lid on your box?
  • Is it a mindset that has always whispered “but you could never do that”, “what makes you think you could ever be more than you are now”?

There are so many chains that bind us, that anchored us to the lowest density existence. Patterns, behaviours, repeating paradigms, they all need to be identified if they’re to be stopped.

If you can’t see them fully in yourself, they say they do run in the family. Have a look see what is a recurring theme… and then say aloud “and this 20/10 is where that pattern runs out!”

Have the intent to cut all dysfunctional cords that bind us to a toxic relationship, belief or pattern of behaviour. If it’s a toxic relationship with a partner, you don’t have to sever all ties, you can just declare the intent to cut the toxic cords snarling up a mutually respectful relationship – and set the intent for your relationship to be different in future. Define boundaries for yourself. Do not capitulate just because they push your buttons or manipulate you – these cords can be cut but will grow back and reattach if you return to the imbalanced behaviour that allowed them to establish in the first place.

That was about people taking too much in a relationship. Other times, it’s our “fault” for giving too much. In giving too much, we are then in a “victim” relationship, where we may become resentful that we are getting nothing in return. So we cut the ties to the person, feel good and proud of ourselves but then slip back into same old pattern of giving too much to keep the peace, or to feel loved, or to feel good about ourselves. If we set the intent to put ourself first and set a clear boundary over which we will not step (and learn to say NO!), those old energetic cords, ties and chains will not re-establish.

EXERCISE – defining what is it we need help with in the run up to 10/10? What is imprisoning us?

Look at your patterns of behaviours, disappointments or recurring problems to understand what is not right with you, and why.

  • What triggers you to act or react the way you do?
  • How much of it is real, or imagined?
  • What is it that needs to change?
  • With whom, or what?
  • Who do you need to send a heartfelt apology to?
  • Who do you need to forgive and release?

This reflection is going to be really powerful. It’s one thing to know what holds us back; another thing entirely to stop sweeping it under the carpet, and focusing on it to do change the outcome!

Jot some ideas down in your Journal. Look at what triggers you, or sets off your old, negative 3D coping mechanisms.

  • PAST: What feelings of guilt or shame do you have coming from the past?
  • FUTURE: What feelings of fear do you have regarding the future?
  • PRESENT: What feelings of inadequacy do you have in the present?

By the end of October 9th, you should have a very good picture of everything you want to unchain yourself from and a heartfelt desire to junk the lot!

10/10 Portal Day

Time to face down our fear of the unknown. Spirit (in the form of the highest energetic realms) will flood through us on 10/10 to help release the old ties and chains we have identified.

It’s time to confront our fears and baseless thoughts, these are the chains that hold us back. Are we going forwards or staying in our comfort zone (even though it’s not that comfortable)?

NO! We’re going to go forward into the golden light of 5D, and anchor the golden energy of the new Dawn in ourselves and the planet. It strikes the planet for the first time on 10/10, so it is up to us to clear our bodies of any old limiting beliefs or behaviours so that it can flow through us, and become embedded in the Earth’s energy grid, preparing the way for the precious 2020 energy.

In the shadowlands, we’ve all done things we’re not proud of. But those who teach Darkness is bad and Lightness is good have rather missed the point. The darkness and the light are inextricably linked in the eternal sacred cycle of life. The Dark serves the light, and the Light serves the dark. The self-righteous who might disdain us for our shadow lives have conveniently forgotten they’ve been there too, just ahead of us in the queue…

So just do it, step into the golden light with the purpose of embodying change on the planet and state the heartfelt intent…

Every cell in my body is rejuvenated and renewed unto LOVE.

Also, hold the intent that we activate our full Chakra lightbodies, to be forever flooded with divine White Crystal Light.

EXERCISE – Journal your thoughts, insights, messages, visions, feelings, emotions AFTER you have been through the 10/10 portal.

The week after 10/10

In the early days, fully establishing ourselves in 5D will be tough as we cannot thrive in a 5D setting, nor fully earth the energy since holding and grounding a higher frequency is a tough ask when our bodies haven’t fully upgraded yet.

So have the intent that all your Chakras will be firing up with white light, with rainbow energy flowing around you to balance and integrate you with the higher energies.

Sadly, we can’t outrun any damage we’ve done to our physical bodies this lifetime, and very regrettably, I am not going to be a stick insect again. So now is the time to set the intent to be kind to bodies that have served us so well, on a daily basis, for many years, often without a single word of thanks for its hard work…

The 10/10 portal is not about trading the Morris Minor in for the Maserati. We can’t swerve what we have put our bodies through. But we can hold the intent to give our bodies time to rest, or enjoy exercise, or find the pleasure they need by tuning in and loving our bodies.

DAILY ROUTINE – We can show our bodies how much we love them by massaging the soles of our feet each morning before we get out of bed. Or by soaking them in an Epsom or Himalayan salt bath and rubbing a blend of hemp oil and Spikenard essential oil into our feet. (Spikenard helps us detach from worldly worries and a 3D lifestyle, so it will flood up into us via all the nerve endings on the soles of our feet.) As you focus on your feet, repeat your mantra “Every cell in my body is rejuvenated and renewed unto LOVE. And it is so.” This will help to consolidate the new lightbodies emerging within us all – and will honour and respect our physical bodies, and thank them for the rigours we have put them through.

Little darlings, it’s been a long cold lonely winter…

Rainbows are nothing without sunshine AND rain. So as we move into the new Dawn, we’ll be taking the best aspects of our shadow times with us too – our experience, inner strength, courage, resilience, wisdom, understanding, compassion for those still to arrive at this point.

Understanding all this, I now feel my doubts, sense of worth and reticence about taking that running jump into 5D dissolving like a snowman on the 4th of July. It doesn’t matter a jot what I do when I get there, or completing my soul mission, or anything else that my chatterbox ego throws up to defend itself from The Great Escape…

I just have to get out of 3D and trust in the flow and process.

I hope this action plan helps you get ready for your leap into the unremembered too…

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As you reap, so shall you sow…

When will there be a harvest for the world? September 2020 actually…

This harvest Equinox was a glorious day of energy, one that will keep the Light of your Dream (and the dream of our collective Light) glowing brightly in the coming year.

Waking UP in the Dream.

Any dream worth manifesting will have tricky stages to go through. Stages where we question our ability to make our dreams real, make them happen. We may even doubt that we’re deserving of our dream. Or question its value to the world. Even whether we have the necessary resources to bring it to fruition — be they practical, emotional, financial, even energetic resources.

We may even be prevaricating over how much we truly believe in our dream — if the world will really miss it if we don’t deliver it, and how willing we are to stand up for this dream, to make it happen…

Don’t fret about your wobbles.

This is natural and all part of the process. The world is being shaken up by huge waves of energy right now, one after another. We are being buffeted by an initiation test of our resolve. Your steel is being tempered by fire. If you’ve hit a stumbling block, put a call up to the universe for inspiration and a new direction.

Take Heart.

In the middle of this broiling sea, your anchor is being tested. But do not give up on your dream, quit or listen to the chitterchatter voice that’s trying to dissuade you from action. You will come to look back and understand that your dream is your soul mission, hence why the reason the doubt and prevarication has been seeded in you — to make you quit, give up, loose your anchor, drift off.

Be Brave and stay True to your mission.

You are strong, you have courage, you chose to be here now. Take a deep breath and give yourself some credit for all you have been through to get to this point. The past is history. And sometimes all is not as you thought. So stop with the haircloth shirt and the flagellation. You have not failed because you did not succeed before; taking a step in the right direction WAS the success. And that’s a victory. So keep going on your path, the summit is in view…

Gather yourself.

Take stock. Acknowledge all you’ve accomplished to this harvest Equinox. Trust in the process and what happens beneath the soil, hidden from view, in the winter months. By the time we all sow our seeds at the springtime Equinox, we will be casting them on rich, fertile ground, and will all enjoy a lifechanging harvest in 2020. We just have to hold fast to our purpose.

This world needs change, and change it will have…through you, your thoughts, your deeds. Through us all.

Be a farmer for the New Earth. It’s time…

Need an Anthem for Ascension? Here you go, the evergreen Isley Brothers and Harvest for the World

PS: How am I so certain about this?

Last Friday in circle, I was given “23” — with my usual vanity, I thought it was to do with my birthdate and how special the number is! (Beckham’s shirt number, etc.)

But I joined the dots yesterday because of someone dreaming about being on a train, getting on another train and seeing the first train explode.

This is all about timelines. On yesterday’s harvest Equinox we jumped up a timeline. If that old timeline is now derailed, it means past, present and future timelines are collapsing into zero point right now. The #2020 New Earth Krysted Timeline shifts are fully anchored and will only amplify over the next 12 months.

My experience of this was that I lay down for a quick healing boost about 2.15pm. Instead of a shot of shazam, I received some intense spirit healing work on my solar plexus and heart centres, something I haven’t been through in a long time. A lot of angry thoughts were surfacing about people I know to be greys, vril or illuminati. Thus I realised I was clearing old ties and emotions keeping me on a lower timeline — and an hour later, I got up fizzing with energy.

So a new path is not just possible, but is available to us now so that we can manifest the New Earth we so dearly want to see… That’s why I say, we need to get creating and using our imagination, so we can manifest our dreams and all bring in a higher harvest next September!

Stay in your 💛 love will do the rest…

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Be the Ripple and the Lake, it’s time…

Heaven on Earth can be ours, if we want it badly enough

With everything going on in the world, you could be forgiven for thinking we’re off to hell in a hand cart.

So much pain, envy, accusation in the collective consciousness — many are angry, judgmental, anxious and fearful about what is to become of us all. But take heart, trust in the flow, allow the birthing of the New Earth. It’s time.

I was recently asked why I wasn’t bothered about Brexit, the alleged fresh food shortages that will ensue, medicine shortages, the attack on democracy that is the proroguing of parliament. All that low-rent “fear” stuff.

I was also asked about the Ascension process. That instead of us all coming together, the middle ground is falling away, we have never been so polarised, so is there something we can do to avoid conflict, or is what we’re going through a “normal” part of awakening?

My answer to both is that it is all part and parcel of the same (old) parcel!

The old structures are disintegrating, church and state, and the old ways are being seen for what they are — corrupt, controlling and wrongminded.

So it’s understandable that, at this time, we need certainty and cling to those institutions that we know (however flawed they may be).

But our faith and beLIEfs in our institutions are part of our old way of BEing, and we’re leaving that behind. The truth is our old ways don’t work for everyone; consequently, they don’t work, period. (Do I need to mention tax avoidance and evasion by major corporations versus the callous withdrawal of PIP payments to our most vulnerable?)

Thus it is time to go up a frequency notch, co-create and usher in a new, better timeline. If we don’t like the old governance, why hold fast to it?

What we’re going through ain’t big, clever or normal

The polarisation of opinions, lack of consensus, lack of constructive ideas (or chaos) we‘re witnessing is neither natural nor normal. It’s the end days for long-term, wholesale manipulation where the masses serve the select few… And the select few ain’t happy about it.

How so? Well, especially for #Brexit, the case for boosting the economy and for ensuring economic growth always takes precedence, and our desires are bonfired in favour of that lofty goal. For the last couple of hundred years (the span of which is no coincidence), we have prioritised economic growth over personal health, the health of the nation, the health of the planet — and at the expense of our happiness.

If you can’t see anything wrong with that, answer me this:

What has economic growth done for YOU lately?

Honestly? Aside from a few quid in your pocket, there will have been little to make a fundamental positive difference in your life, or in the way of the world.

For instance:

  • Economic growth is what our politicians cite when they want us to agree to something (such as the introduction of 5G), but also tell us that we can’t do something else as it will harm economic growth (such as legislating a ban on single-use plastics).
  • Or when it comes to a high-speed rail link and a major construction/infrastructure project such as  HS2, funds can miraculously be found; but when it comes to the NHS, or better state pensions at a reasonable retirement age, there is suddenly no magic money tree…

Thus “economic growth” has helped no-one but a few individuals and multinational corporations. And whilst our taxes have funded subsidies and tax breaks for them, there has been no improvement in social care provision, or mental health facilities, or building more schools, or indeed anything that makes a positive difference to daily lives. This is the iniquity we want to retain?

If “economic growth” changed anything for us lower orders, surely all the inventions and discoveries of the past 50 years that could change lives would be fully implemented by now, for us and the planet.

So if the fruits of this serves-the-few growth were applied to improving our lot:

  • There’d be more social housing, and no shitty living conditions offered by unscrupulous landlords rack-renting tenants in mouldy, cold, damp and dangerous housing — or having to have sex in lieu of rent. And working people wouldn’t still be homeless, living in tents on the streets because their minimum wage, zero hours contract doesn’t go far enough.
  • We’d be free to expand our energy renewables sector as we wouldn’t be tied into a quid pro quo foreign trade deal (cf. Sizewell C, EDF, China General Nuclear). So perhaps more solar roof tiles à la Tesla instead of conventional tiles. Or maybe even divesting ourselves of the need to generate energy of our own by tapping into his “free” universal energy (harnessing scalar energy) — which would ensure there’d be no need for further nuclear power, fracking, or coal.

Then, free from fear about health, money, life, a roof over our head, food on the table, the planet, we could naturally achieve higher levels of consciousness — at which time I’d happily be out of a day-job! No-one would need “healing” as there’d no longer be anything causing “dis-ease”. And you’d all be healing yourselves because you remembered how…

So why is there disharmony and imbalance everywhere you look?

What we are seeing is the rise of our consciousness calling time on centuries of manipulation, a time where the Old Order reigned supreme, keeping us in servitude. They’ve enjoyed their time in control and have worked too damned hard to lose the upper hand now and become redundant before they’re ready.

And for our part, we were meant to stay the docile, trusting minions of a brainwashed patriarchy, accepting of our lot, not understanding we had been played. Manipulated by our masters, and as a result of dulled perception, we actively created the prison in which we have languished, dragging our sorry unaware arses round until we dropped dead. The End.

That’s 3D and the 3rd Dimension for you.

But the chaos and polarisation we currently find ourselves in is the start of the fight back. This is the 4th Dimension. In 4D, we are “awake” and finally aware the system doesn’t work for us, doesn’t value us, doesn’t value our values.

We are also aware of a disconnect between ourselves, how life could be and our higher selves — and whilst we yearn for change, we don’t know how to accomplish it because our higher selves can’t be heard above the chaos, and we haven’t learnt to tune into it anyway.

So this is why it has turned ugly, there’s a lot at stake — winner takes all.

Additionally, in 4D we start bringing our higher mind into our physical body and thus realise we’ve been fed an illusion by the hidden few, who have been wilfully pillaging the planet whilst leading us all towards destruction.

So this I urge… If you’re newly awake and trying to join the dots, please don’t get dragged into this sideshow called “parliamentary democracy”. Sorry to break the news, but we don’t have a democracy and never have had; it is an illusion and part of the 3D programming we need to dismantle.

What can we do?

Instead, take time to focus on your “thoughts”. Every one of your thoughts or beLIEfs needs scrutiny and dissection. What is good? What is bad? What is right? Are any of our beliefs actually “true”? How many come from you, and how many have you inherited from your family, schools, churches, society?

Why is it important to know this? Because our thoughts create our reality, and that which we put our attention on grows.

Nothing ever was created without thinking about it first… So if you’re caught up in the fear of our future after Brexit, your fearful thoughts create a future environment in which we find the fearful prospect we feared! (Phew!)

So change your focus and your programmed thoughts

Hating on others for not having the same “thoughts” we do has to go, as do civil unrest and protest-in-the-street thoughts. These are angry thoughts that simply fan more anger, more hate, more division. And inspire a “we are better than them” culture.

The same is true of blame thoughts — so stop with the “we wouldn’t be in this mess if Little Englanders weren’t all racist pensioners” or “we wouldn’t be here if Cameron hadn’t tried to stop Tory defection to UKIP”, etc. All we do with thoughts like these is fan more flames — or further incoherence in the political and collective consciousness.

Similarly, other “attack” thoughts need to be quashed too. Hating on Trump, or reviling Bolsonaro, or the Chinese, or Muslims puts yet more hate and anger out there. There are a lot of Chinese (1.43 billion) and hating on Muslims means you’re hating about a quarter of the world’s population (1.8 billion). That means your negative, low frequency thoughts and emotions tie 25% of the world’s population to a lower frequency and timeline. No wonder the ascension balloon can’t rise as quickly as it should.

So quell your judgmental, critical thoughts. And calm your fear or doubt thoughts. They are not real, but will come to BE if you stick in this mindset, because you are more powerful than you know, and you will manifest that which you fear the most…

Each of these damaging mindsets also flags up that we’re stalling on our ascension path, and that our frequency is plummeting after an initial positive trajectory.

If this is you, don’t beat yourself up for this. It’s not a permanent stall, you just have to see that personal incoherence “creates” incoherence in Westminster, and amplifies planetary incoherence as we throw off the Old Order but haven’t figured out how to be in this new space, or create the New Earth yet.

>> It’s OK, don’t be dismayed; we have friends in high places and they’re all here helping us find our feet whilst we get used to this higher (spiritual) ground…

So rigorously scrutinise all your thoughts, beliefs, judgments, triggers. As we see them for what they are (fear), we will lift our vibration and learn how to create the world we truly want to live in, through our thoughts. And it is so.

The EU referendum was a tissue of lies from start to finish, from BOTH sides — but that moment is done, and wrangling over the outcome only ties us to a past way of thinking on an old timeline.

>> Know this, we will never rise above lower dimensional control by putting our trust in the same failed mechanisms that created the problem in the first place.

The old paradigm is taking its last gasp. Don’t breathe your precious life force back into it. If we are here now, it is because we are the ones to break the bounds of this current creation, and create a new, better, finer, fairer world for all.

The World will be as One

IMAGINE IT and you will call New Earth into BEing. That will be the 5th Dimension, 5D, Heaven on Earth — a way of living that’s in harmony with everything that calls this gorgeous rock of ours home.

Let your old thinking dissolve, trust in the Divine process supporting planetary ascension, transmute out of hating or attack mode and focus on creating the harmonious world WE want to live in…

Forget settling scores, forget coming on social media to troll others for what you have deemed are their flawed opinions, stop reacting and sharing the latest thing that Trump is supposed to have done.

Simply ask yourself “How can I serve the highest benefit of all today?”

Then, instead of being stuck in the morass that is 4D, put your 5D hat on and send everyone (and everything) peace, love, laughter, happiness, safety, abundance, bliss… In fact, from the heart, wish them everything they seek for themselves or for the planet (yes, even Brexiteers!)

A fear-based frame of mind merely creates more fear. But a love-based frame of mind enables chaos to dissolve, and the co-creation of harmony, balance, and natural order.

Heaven on Earth, for all.

You choose. But the planet is ascending, with or without you. All change? Climb aboard.

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Accentuate the Positive, eliminate the Negative…

The Old Groaner and Johnny Mercer had it right (even if their spelling leaves a lot to be desired!)

In a nutshell, you’ve got to e-lim-in-ate the neg-a-tive in your life.

Do not underestimate the ease with which our emotions can undermine us.

Negative emotions are highly destructive and if they take root in our energy fields, they will repeatedly snarl us up until we finally find a way to let them go.

Old hurts, a need to get even, hopelessness, rage, hatred, jealousy, bitterness, worthlessness. All can rise up at the drop of a hat, changing you from a calm, decent, reasoned person into a raging, ranting termagant, out for blood, full of brooding thoughts and bile-filled emotions. (For me as well, until I knew better!)

Passionate, negative emotions can, quite literally, “cloud” our normal state of being and if we keep surrendering to those emotions, we will leave a tornado-like trail of destruction in our wake, enabling our inner feelings to rain negativity all around us – daily, hourly or even from moment to moment.

Of course, you may be thinking, “But that’s OK. I never show my anger, I keep it in. If anyone suffers, it’s me!”

Well, you may be restraining your words, but you need to restrain your thoughts too. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that saying nasty stuff in your head will heal your pain without hurting others. If anything, it makes your pain worse by reinforcing it, you’re just not being honest with yourself as to why you’re doing it…

So even if we never say another word to the person who has hurt us, holding imaginary dialogues in our heads to perfect the way we wish we’d actually spoken up at the time will still cause damage, both in our bodies and that of the other person(s) involved.

Worse, remember that words have power. They’re “SPELLS”. So negative words can conjure up a negative thoughtform that will tirelessly follow wherever we go, all magicked up by the low-frequency words we played in our heads whilst thinking vengefully about someone else…

Further, the remembrance of our pain (re)opens our original energetic wound whilst simultaneously creating one in the person we’re flashlighting our negative feelings to.

Indeed, low-vibrational words fuel toxic emotions so caustic they can burn holes in the energy fields and subtle bodies of those we direct our rage at – and they’re not much good for our energy fields either.

I was shocked when I did this release work on myself. If you could see this flow in action, it’s like a throbbing black, poison-tipped arrow of rage-filled hate, connected back to you by a thread, just so your victim can know where their pain is coming from (Charming!) The more we send negativity to that person, the stronger and gnarlier the arrows become, and the tougher the ties that bind (from fine threads to unbreakable steel hawsers).

The pain also taints our perception if we leave it to fester. As will the second, third, fourth experience of similar pain, poisoning our wounds further. Each time we relive an experience which mirrors the original one, the scar is picked over, reinforced and the pain is harder to overcome.

But that’s not the worst of it…

Each emotion connected with a painful experience becomes compacted in our energy field, becoming our default reaction for similar experiences, so the negativity builds up further. Then, when sufficient pain and rage has amassed, our negative feelings create a “miasma” (an energetic cloud of low-frequency energy) that surrounds us – a veil of angry, vengeful, even shamefilled thoughts just waiting to choke us the next time a similar experience occurs, making the original pain even more entrenched.

At this stage, your pain has grown so vast it is an entity all its own and since it has a negative polarity, it can also be manipulated by the Predator Parasites I alluded to in my last blog post. (Oh joy!)

So even though we think we’ve been doing well in not letting our thoughts drift to something (or someone) for a while, the Predator Parasites reach down and “poke” that dozing thoughtform, stoking up all that old pain in us again (because if we’re angry, emotional, hurt or broken, our energy tastes sooo very good…)

You are not alone. You are not bad or weak. Everyone suffers emotional pain at some point – but what distinguishes us from the next person is the length of time we choose to suffer, and that depends on how willing we are to track back to the source and clear ourselves of triggers that keep taking us to the original event.

So what’s the “Gift” your pain is showing you?

Well, negative emotions show us there’s something to heal, and the good news is we can heal this pain if we choose to.

All the negative emotions we endure are a mirror of our original traumatic or painful experiences. Acknowledge them, forgive ourselves and/or the perpetrator and we can release the emotion. Simples.

But if we ignore them and fudge the work to release these emotions, they will act in concert to create the angry veil which eventually smothers us, leaving us to lead a half-life, extinguishing opportunities for joy, fulfilment and happiness. (And despite how we may sometimes feel, we all deserve happiness. It is our birthright.)

Unchecked, we may even fall into Depression – or perhaps more accurately, Suppression… We become DEpressed because we are so overwhelmed by life that we suppress our rights to feel the way we do over the way we’ve been treated.

Depression acts as the emotional blanket that smothers us, entombing us with our sadness, guilt, shame, anger, powerlessness, hopelessness, helplessness.

Depression is a coping mechanism to shut down our feelings. But the pain miasma smothering us feeds off our sorrow, low sense of self-worth, helplessness, resentment, loss of sovereignty, etc, as well as all the negative thoughts and thought-forms connected to such low emotions. And once our vibration is at rock bottom, we’re trapped in there, generally unable to bounce back without pharmaceutical intervention.

We’re not to blame for the way we deal with our pain, but once we’re aware of it, we need to learn how to neutralise our caustic feelings. For if we continue to fuel our feelings, we leave the door open for larger, even denser miasmas to entrap us.

Daunting as the prospect of the clearing work may be, it has to be done. For emotional pain (in our emotional bodies) translates into physical pain (in our physical bodies). And then our lives may be permanently disrupted at the altar of illness…

So track your emotions back to the first known instance of your pain, perhaps an experience so traumatic you’ve blotted it out completely.

TIP: Look dispassionately at yourself, with honest eyes. Where are you carrying your “pain”? Is it manifesting in your physical body yet?

When we have continuously kept our guard up for longer than we can remember, parts of us can be blocked, twisted, tautened, even shut off because layers of protective “emotional” defence have inserted themselves into our physiologies.

FOR EXAMPLE, emotional pain might manifest in the physical body as obesity, where food equates with love, self-worth, or the only “pleasure” you allow yourself. Or the “dummy” to stop you screaming…

Or it might be that extensive damage and scarring in our subtle bodies is blocking the proper working of our digestive processes – so much so that, despite repeated starvation diets, we only lose one pound in the aptly named “soul-destroying” month of trying…

Wherever our pain sits, our physiologies are thus a reflection of what is uppermost in our minds – so we can get even further out of kilter if our natural fright/fight/flight responses are continuously driven by our negative thoughts (as an unnecessary excess of these hormones and chemicals in our systems can lead to physical DISease).

This is not to belittle the impact of the original traumatic event. But the negative emotions, thoughtform(s) and our programmed beLIEfs can become so entrenched in our BEing and our physiologies they become mental, emotional or even physical pain – all of which colours our attitude to life, our quality of life, perhaps even the length of our lives…

Indeed, our physical bodies may become so imbalanced they start displaying symptoms utterly unrelated to our otherwise apparent good health. Constant lethargy, an inability to sleep, fogged minds, or an inability to think or concentrate all indicate physiologies that do not function properly because of the miasma we labour under.

Or we may have a fiery hair-trigger temper, cocked and ready to go off at a moment’s notice, or be full of angry thoughts of revenge that cause inflammation in the skin or joints.

Whatever our symptoms, they may be the result of unresolved patterns over many lifetimes, and that’s a terrible waste of life and opportunity.

All because we are unaware that we have the power to heal ourselves and shut this veil down, for good.

So go withIN and forgive everyone involved in your pain, yes even yourself!

Get that emotional broom out, you’re going to sweep out all your emotional cobwebs.

EXERCISE: In this exercise, we are going to connect SAFELY with deep-seated emotions, but before you start, let your “inner child” know that they are completely safe and that none of the original incident will affect them now. Remind yourself you survived the event, that you are not that person anymore and have learned a great deal in the process.

Now sit quietly and calmly with the intent of revisiting the original event, so you can clearly and dispassionately “SEE” the negative emotions that you are holding onto.

Go inside, however you do this, and allow yourself to relive the original event, watching it, recalling it, even noting any behaviour on your part that may have contributed to the outcome. (It’s not always everybody else’s fault…) At all times, know that you are protected.

From this vantage point, and in as much detail as you can manage, jot down all aspects of the event, including the people involved, with as much honest “emotional” detail as possible.

Look closely at the event, from all angles. Are there people you have to forgive? Was there any justification for their behaviour? Do you have to forgive yourself for your part in it?

Connect with the cause and drill down to the source of your pain, anger, resentment, shame, desire for revenge, of your inability to move on from this moment. (From this new perspective, you might even see that whilst you were impacted by the event, it was unfortunate but not a deliberate wound, and thus the perpetrator is much easier to forgive…)

TIP: Punching walls can hurt (yes really!) So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your memories, release your emotions by punching an overstuffed cushion or screaming into a pillow, so you don’t injure yourself.

As each wave of old emotion leaves you, keep exploring your feelings until the charge they hold for you has dissolved and suppressed emotions are able to find expression. Allow yourself to feel LOVE and forgiveness, for yourself and for the person who injured you. Keep feeling that LOVE until the old negativity surrounding the incident starts to release. (

You may get lucky and clear it first time of asking. It may take longer. But you will know when it has gone for good – if you think about the pain and there is still some resentment or charged emotion surfacing, sit with it again. However long it takes, you are clearing it, transmuting your pain with LOVE!

When there is no more prickly charge, you’re an emotion-fixing ninja(!), and you can move on to another pressure sore.

Or you might feel able to think about and envision the person you feel an emotional charge towards. Imagine them standing in front of you, looking directly into their eyes…and thus their souls. (Phew! Big energies here.)

Imagine wholeheartedly and sincerely telling them that you forgive them, whilst sending a golden ball of healing and forgiveness from your heart to theirs. This will release the old thorny black arrows from you to them (and from them to you). Because everyone is connected on an energetic level, this releases stuck energy for both parties, even if the other person is not aware of it in that precise moment.

It is a grown-up thing to do – but if that’s a bit too full on for you to begin with, try doing it from afar at first in a safe space.

TIP: If you still feel the odd energetic frisson around an event despite revisiting it several times, don’t give up. It will go. But it is showing you how deep-seated the feeling is, maybe even centred on identical previous life damage. So you might want to imagine a red STOP sign, or say the word “stop” out loud. Then steadfastly refuse to entertain thoughts about that person or event any further. Phone a friend, go for a walk, work on a project that is absorbing and enjoyable or potter round the house barefoot to ground the lingering charge (let every last sizzle of that old pain leave your body). Just don’t dwell on the thoughts…

BUT if we’re honest with ourselves, we may also be experiencing pain, guilt and shame because we caused pain in another person (we’re none of us blameless or perfect here).

Just imagine that same golden ball of LOVE and healing taking your heartfelt apology to another person, it’s fiery loving glow dissolving the threads and poison arrows between you… So beautiful to do; and an EPIC release if done with genuine intent…

It’s really as straightforward as that. So go wholeheartedly after a pain- and miasma-free existence.

Each small step is a step closer to your freedom and higher awareness.

But little steps become big strides – for you, for others, and for an ever higher vibration in the collective consciousness.

Simply accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative – and don’t mess with Mr (Miasma) Inbetween.

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Time to rise and SHINE!

Why is the world the way it is?

Two words, PREDATOR PARASITES. And most people have no idea that such things exist, let alone what to do about them.

These are the fallen ones, the Archons. Aligned with Team Dark (whose top strikers upfront include Jehovah, the Annunaki and Isis the Mad), they are masters of depraved etheric evolution. So good at disguise are they that they’re cocky enough to hide in the open – where we still can’t “see” them because we’re programmed not to see beyond the ends of our noses.

Hideous beasties in human skin suits are apparently not out of the ordinary to our entrained minds… and to us in the lower dimensions, they can rustle up any identity they like. And they do.

And just so we’re all clear on the terminology:

  • A Dimension is a location or a realm of existence.
  • A Density is the stage of development we’ve reached along our growth path.
  • A Density State equates to the development stage the collective consciousness has reached – Humans 2.0 are still mainly in a 3rd density state until we fully awaken to our infinite possibilities.

So, we’re 3rd dimensional beings in a gooey morass, ploughing our way through the 4th density domain, which the predator parasites control, trying to leave the past behind and enter New Earth’s 5th dimension.

Our current situation

Backing up for a moment to explain why we’re at where we’re at.

In essence, Light equals Knowledge, and light/knowledge can either illuminate (reveal the truth) or blind you (hide the truth).

Further, Light is a frequency that can be polarised, either positive or negative. Spiritually, in being attracted to Light’s negative polarity, we follow a Service to Self (STS) path, spiritually separated from the Light as the path leads us unknowingly from our true path and back into the Dark.

Team Dark has blindsided (or blindsighted) us. To give an analogy here, negatively polarised light acts the same way a powerful torch beamed straight at your face would… we are dazzled, the glare promises a light-filled direction but all it actually delivers is blindness.

Taking us towards blindness (of truth and reality) was Team Dark’s plan ever since Atlantis, trapping us in lives in density, blocking our access and connection to Source, to the Light.

Thankfully, with help from the Community of Light (the many and varied Galactic Forces), we are now clearing out the negative entity rear guard that has anchored Earth in the 4th dimension and blocked her ascension to the 5th dimension.

At the same time, Humans 2.0 are up for parole after completing their “sentence” in 3D (3rd density), where we’ve sat in an evolutionary Groundhog Day, in a state of DNA collapse for millennia. Unable to ascend to higher densities and dimensions because our way was blocked by the “Veil”, an energetic frequency that blanketed us, disconnecting us from Source, tethering us to lower (unnatural) densities.

I say “sentence” because Earth has effectively been a prison planet, with Humans 2.0 held in a dense low state thanks to our gullibility and Annunaki manipulation. Our DNA was collapsed, the planet was corralled by an energy fence that reinforced the unnatural frequency we existed under. And we were programmed (or mind mapped) to cleave to the negative polarity of that frequency.

We are collectively in the 4th density – Archon domain. But Mother Earth is moving into the 5th dimension and now that she has been released, there is nothing to stop us choosing whether to stay here  to help her and all its dwellers recoup themselves from the damage we have inflicted on them and the environment, or moving on to other locations (dimensions) to continue our existence.

Thus our duality does not “end” until we return to 6th density (or 7th dimension).

But the only thing stopping us now is us and how awake we are to our divine selves, our gifts, our soul purpose.

Why has entrapment worked?

Because the manner in which we’ve been mind-mapped (or entrained) puts our logical brain and ego mind in charge. Thoughts from the left brain are programmed to take precedence; thoughts from the right brain are dismissed by the left brain with lofty “if-this-then-that” type statements such as “There is no empirical evidence XYZ exists, so I couldn’t possibly have just seen an XYZ”. Strewth!

Entrapment has also persisted because appearances are deceptive, and the predators are adroit at taking forms guaranteed to pander to our ego minds.

  • If you’re a devout follower of a religion, they may present themselves as your favourite saint, or perhaps the Virgin Mary (who always bears an uncannily striking resemblance to her mass-produced statues…)
  • If you sense you’re meant to lead others into higher states of consciousness, they may appear to you as a Deity, or in archangelic form to mislead, distract, manipulate and ultimately exploit you. (I had Shiva appear to me during meditation when I first came to Suffolk. As if! Good job I never followed that lead.)
  • But if you are fascinated by the possibility of extra-terrestrials, they may cod themselves up as a benign ET or an exalted member of the Intergalactic forces; someone who has watched your progress with kindly pride and interest, selecting you (out of every other deserving soul on earth) to be their new bestie and special emissary.

They always intimate they’re beings of the light but if that’s Light, it’s a mighty false one. (This phalanx of Team Dark is served by the Rogue White Brotherhood – RWB affiliates thinks they’re serving Team Light, they are actually serving the Darkness and don’t know it.)

It is deeply insidious. As an example, duped devotees try to bring others in to the false light and knowledge. In a meditative state with someone who has unwittingly allowed a specific mind mapping to be imposed on them, the head honcho Archangel started muscling his way through all his entourage to get to me, to show me how “special” and precious I am… What? More precious than anyone else? Behave! I expect I was had that way before, so my more canny “I AM” presence had me hurtling out of there faster than you can say “feathers in a flurry”.

The clincher is that from the energy they’ve predated, the parasites keep enough back to give each unsuspecting Human 2.0 who falls for the ploy a few extra insights or visions, maybe an unnatural buzz or high. The undiscerning take it as confirmation they’ve been visited by Team Light (the universe’s positively aligned beings); that they are special and chosen and thus slavishly do whatever their new contact says to bring about change to the world. This rogue connection simply traps you further…

It’s a dastardly but really quite brilliant play. These predators are accomplished impressionists. They closely study Team Light until they can mimic key players with ease. And they pull off their performances because we’ve fallen so far, discern so little and have forgotten how contact with Team Light high-ups should actually feel. So for those of us still clearing, healing, upgrading and expanding (and whose inner guidance systems are a bit awry), the parasites have passed themselves off as the good guys very easily. Damme their slitty eyes

Don’t feel bad about being suckered. Many of us were fooled and caught this way. It was in the past and is part of our shadow self. Transmute it and move on. A life on New Earth, in the 5th dimension, is waiting for you…

But New Earth isn’t all fairies, flowers and happy hippies. There isn’t a superhero riding over the hill to sort our mess. We still need to slough off our old beLIEfs, become more discerning, and recognise that we are our own saviours, so that we can return to our birthright and continue on our missions.

Because we all have missions, our soul purpose. Think how splendid the world will be when we no longer fill our lives with empty gestures that fill the gap left on forgetting our purposes. For instance, no more the soulless consumerism for the latest designer trainers (so no more exploitation of pieceworkers in 3rd world countries). No need for instant fixes. Just living your life “on purpose”, marrying your gifts with your soul’s yearning. Coherence and bliss! Beautiful.

So don’t think you’re done because you’re awake, searching and on your way. Over time, many have been lulled into spiritual complacency, believing that if we just raise our vibes and shower luv’n’lite, we’re home and dry. Living a life on purpose means throwing over that kind of laziness, which is what lowered us into this density in the first place.

We are now reclaiming all that we are, and accepting (self) responsibility for finding and making good on our purpose.

So if we’re reclaiming ourselves, our first act must be to kick our parasitic “klingons” into the long grass. No more feeding off our life force. And no more listening to that false (programmed) voice inside our heads that has diverted us from our purpose.

We need to remove the junk programming that has separated us from Source and each other and the false beLIEfs that hold us in this web.

Join my NEW course to help you with this reclamation, to help you distinguish between what are your true thoughts, and what are repeating loops of Team Dark’s control programming. Click HERE for more information…

How these thieving bussterds steal energy and take up residence in your energy field

Mealtime 1: Your energy

These thieving parasites are “attachments”. They’ve invested a great deal of effort in keeping you in the Dark, and these fanged fiends tap into corrupted, toxic pools of stagnation deep in your shadow self – to disconnect you from your Higher Self and from Source. And they want to keep it that way.

Thus they’re triplestitched into your energy field and holed up in your emotional pathways.

Their ideal hiding places are stagnant, rotting pits of hurt they can fully anchor into (with their three rows of teeth, myriad spiky spines like chestnuts). Look at anyone you know; if you can see where their physiologies are out of balance, it’s a dead cert that’s the home base of the unwanted attachment(s).

FOR EXAMPLE         Weight held around the stomach suggests this is a centre of stagnant energy and unresolved hurts, and the obvious site for parasitic attachment(s) to run the show.

Because there are so many programmed triggers available to the parasite. There is, of course, genuine need. But there is also food as reward. Food as punishment. Food as self-medication. (And there is distortion of self and denial of what you can “see” truth with illnesses such as anorexia.)

That makes the solar plexus area the perfect site for an attachment to locate because blockages here:
•   prevent Light from entering the system through the solar plexus;
•   prevent communication flow (in and out) of the solar plexus and disrupts the activity of this key energy centre
•   put your full energy system out of balance – centres in the top and bottom halves of your body and your crystal array go out of sync and thus energy flow and messages from one centre to another do not get sent or received, and
•   provide the perfect hidey hole to “feed” off the misery caused by feelings of self-loathing, lack of willpower over food and poor body image. Breaking the balance of your energy centres and their crystals.

When the siphoning is about to kick off, we unwittingly surrender to the negative thought or emotion that has been programmed into us – in my case, it is an interchangeable thought-train that I am Stupid/Fat/Ugly.

Whatever triggers you, once the false mantra is triggered your energetic flow slows, your resonance drops, the siphoning starts. The energy starts to stagnate around our “blockage”, we create a solid homestead for the bussterd to anchor into and there’s no stopping it till Operation Siphon is complete.

So when we feel any of the low vibrational states (such as fear, guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, sorrow, worthlessness, uselessness), our internal worlds shut down. We have insufficient energy to sustain our normal higher state, the flow of energy through our “blockage” slows and chummy-with-the-teeth latches on, perhaps so much so that we physically feel the blocked area becoming tight or painful.

Indeed, the No. 1 foodstuff of kings for the parasite comes from engendering fear – even mortal fear – in you, as this creates the “loosh” they crave (whether there is a reason for your fear or not). I see it daily in my Mother, who is frightened at the same time each day, without being able to say why and even though I explain she is safe. (It’s feeding time!)

This is all centred on your internal blockage(s), deliberately planned and carefully programmed in.

But you don’t need a psychic plumber to unblock you! The solution is to act instantly to raise your frequency. Find your giggle, indulge in a long-forgotten pleasure or passion, boost your happiness, hope, contentment, love, friendship. Or just go somewhere in Nature. Whatever you do, as your internal world lights up, you will start to feel good again, your energy will just beam (which they will just hate!), you will feel excited, optimisitc, energised, clean, good, deserving. Happy.

Know that they’re leaving. The remaining bods now have to join forces to survive, which means they’re bigger, nastier and firefighting all over their network to retain control of their subjects. There’s a battle on to remove them, once and for all and it’s going well. You can help by being aware of this and by stopping giving your energy to them; they use it to recharge, rejuvenate and regenerate. As fast as Team Light takes ’em out; we keep letting them back in. Stop it!

Mealtime 2: Parasites that piggyback off you

Essentially, in the right conditions, these parasitic entities can strike out at other people through you because of how you feel, good or bad, about these other people.

If you were in a queue for the first day of the sales, surrounded by people you don’t know, your attachment(s) cannot register that any of these folks exist – since, apart from the eejit that just trod on your foot, there is no emotional connection to any of them. These bargain hunters are invisible, under the detection radar, safe from energetic attack. In the clear.

But, if you were thinking about a member of the family who was going through a tough time, or a friend who’d done the dirty on you with your fella, it doesn’t matter whether you’re thinking of them with good or bad feelings, emotions are energy in motion. Your attachment can follow your thoughts and thus “see” who youre thinking of. They trace your energy connection to that person and latch on, wherever your family member is, whatever your cheating friend is doing.

Worse yet, have you ever had a fight with someone, or a gut-wrenching disappointment that when you look back at it, the bad blood you share with someone else boils over and you become angry, vengeful, fearful, guilty, hurt all over again?

Those negative feelings are emotional poison, a dark marinade to choke the soul. Something that, when the memory is triggered, sets up the perfect storm for creating bigger and harder blockages in your body. And any negative emotions, even if targeted on someone else, reinforces the parasite’s hold on you and sends some of that poison to the person you’re thinking about.

Just thinking about someone (particularly someone that stokes low emotions in you) forges an energetic connection. If you feel vengeful or hatred, your energy flow obligingly pumps heavy, dark, low resonances through you to them. The more this happens, the more these etheric connections become entrenched. The parasitic attachment(s) prod you when they need a feed, and stoke up these unresolved wounds. They then actively use those energetic connections to infect new people, siphon off their energy, cause harm and travel round the world lowering the collective resonance without let or hindrance.

Putting in some internal clearance and release work recently on forgiving and seeking forgiveness, I was shown this stuff in my 3rd Eye. Dense, sticky, fetid, impenetrable black goo. Ugh! I don’t know if it’s the same as this, or what its other purposes might be. I can only say what I saw and it was grim… Imagine a pool of tarmac on a hot day, one you accidentally tread in with your nice white plimsolls. Now imagine the gloopy strands threading off your feet as you try to wriggle free. Each sticky thread holds you in place, your shoes ruined. This goo is parasitic paradise, their home pitch, their superconductor. That’s why finding your way through 4D is such tough going. It’s their turf, their domain. So you’ve gotta get out of the goo, and you’ve got to clean your plimmies off.

Magnify this to include wrongs you’ve doled out in the past and you can see why we’re so firmly glued together. I used to think these strings were karmic debt. To be honest, I’m not even sure that exists – it’s a thought construct that’s part of the programming used to create this random access network between us all.

The route map out of the goo

But don’t feel stuck. Here’s the route map out of the black goo.

  • Think about those who have wronged you (or who you have wronged). Send them love, empathy, joy, compassion, understanding, forgiveness or kindness. Pour on the Love, for it is Light and acts like a cosmic bottle of Vanish, setting to on dissolving that vile gloop instantly.
  • Train yourself to recognise the frequency differences between what are our thoughts (heart centred), and those which have been implanted and called up by the predators (into the left brain, appealing to the ego mind). Once we know who is speaking to us, we can jump off our empty trains of thought, and redirect our thinking to healthier subjects and higher vibrational states.

In seeking to survive, the Fallen Ones have taught us a lesson. All potentiality resides in each and every experience we have. Be they positive or negative, all lessons are valid and valuable on our path… The lesson here is that we need to wake up to how we’ve been so easily controlled, and to the importance of going deep with the transmutational work of love and forgiveness. That way, we clear the goo that ties us to our shadow selves and snares us all together, across our world.

To say goodbye to the boys from the black stuff, all we truly need is LOVE. For in New Earth, anything less than Love is unacceptable.

Go deep, go now. Recognise your power to heal yourself and to free others. And be worthy of it.

I have a great NEW course for removing goo, healing inner child wounds, understanding what thoughts are yours, finding your soul purpose – all with lovely guided meditation to help you heal and purge at each stage. For more information, get in touch NOW for dates of the next series…

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