2019 Events


Where the Golden Light will Shine this Summer

TUES 28 MAY | 6.00-10pm

1-to-1 SPIRIT HEALING TASTERS              25 mins          £2.00 Entry          Donation Pot for all Readers & Healers
at the Ipswich Mind-Body-Spirit Monthly Event | Tower Hall | 5 Broadlands Way | Rushmere | Ipswich | IP4 5SU
>> The Ipswich MBS fundraises to support Ipswich homeless charities

The Platform Mediums for the evening are:  SUE TYRELL and KARL BOTTOMLEY

FRI 7 JUNE | 6.15-10pm

1-to-1 SPIRIT HEALING TASTERS              25 mins          £2.00 Entry          Donation Pot for all Readers & Healers
at the Robert Lummis Spiritual Awareness Centre | Welcome Hall | next to The Mariners | Trimley St Mary | IP11 0TN
>> Rob’s Spiritual Awareness Centre raises funds to support Suffolk local causes

The speaker for the evening is:  MIKE KETTLE who will be talking about ley lines. (And if you’ve ever wondered why the energy is so lovely at the Welcome Hall, there are three ley lines running beneath it!)

Please Note: Children or teenagers studying hard for their exams are always welcome to have a FREE healing taster, which can either be an energy boost or a calming treatment, but SJ asks that they be accompanied by an adult please.


Expansion and Ascension Workshop

SORRY IF YOU MISSED THIS WORKSHOP, but more are planned. So why not sign up to the L&WL Newsletter to be the first to know when the next Workshop is scheduled. It’ll possibly be before Christmas to help “sing in” the solstice energies…

Feedback about this Workshop: “… thank you for giving R and M the chance to join your workshop. They had a wonderful time and can’t stop talking about their experience. They are in wonder and awe at what they learned. Thank you again!”

IF YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES and imagine flying through the stars … or swimming with playful dolphins … or lying on a warm sandy beach with a gentle breeze lightly blowing around you, you can meditate.

By expanding our perceptions in an easy to follow set of Guided Meditations, the truth of our existence is finally revealed. We will see how vast our souls really are, how easily we can take back control of our lives – and how we can use our innate gifts to embed lasting change on the planet.

This one-day workshop will be a fun, relaxing way to enjoy healing from the Spirit Healing Teams.

But you’ll also learn how to become more mindful and focused (and how to filter out the chaos from the outside world that distracts you from your purpose).

>> Start the day with an introduction to Transcendental Meditation, led by Felicity Kaplan, who will demonstrate gentle stretching exercises (yoga asanas) and the breathing technique known as pranayama.

>> And after lunch, get your energy flowing again with a Zhineng Qigong workshop from John Millar of EnergyPlay Qigong

You’ll also be part of a Spirit-led team channelling healing energy to our beautiful Earth and, by so doing, you will become evermore aligned with the Ascension process and your vital purpose in it.

The time has come to take back your power. If you’re tired of what is done in your name, or weep for what is happening in Nature and the environment, this day is for you…

£35 per person | Bring Your Own Lunch and Share with Others | Concessions available

TO BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW (or for more details), contact SJ on 01394 421172 or send her a quick EMAIL

We don’t know the half of it — but very soon we will! And when we do, there’ll be no going back to the old ways we are so weary of…

>> Wear loose and comfortable clothes so you can enjoy the yoga asanas and qigong sessions to the max!

Weekly Meditation & Healing groups

I am restarting these groups and am considering using Zoom to run them so that I can run them wherever I have a good internet connection(!) whilst you snuggle at home in your favourite chair… to make it more convenient for everyone involved.

They will be easy-come, easy-go and for all levels of experience and all ages…

Watch this space for more details…

Contact SJ for more details on 01394 421172 or send her a quick EMAIL for information about any of the above, or future dates.