2021 Events


Where the Light will fall this Fall

>> Obviously, Lockdown put the mockers on this last year(!), so get in touch for more information.

I’m running a Munay-Ki Lineage Rites initiation later on in the year. We’ll kick off with a weekend intro to choose our stones and charge them up, and complete the transmissions over the following 4 Monday evenings!

You’ll love it, and you’ll kick yourself if you miss it!

The Munay-Ki Rites are a set of 9 healing and transformative practices condensed from the collective wisdom of the medicine men and women of the Andes.

It’s fascinating, uplifting and fun (and I’m sure you’ll agree we could all do with a hearty dose of that at the moment).

It helps on many fronts. Examples of the benefits you can receive are that the ageing process can be slowed down. It will support us in building stronger spiritual connections. And will help heal our karmic and genetic programmes, both in ourselves and back down through our ancestral chains. Everyone’s a winner!

When I took this Course in the heart of misty Welsh Wales, the ninth Rite helped me see the face of God… Boom!

So if that sounds your thing, and you’d like to shrug off the past and upgrade yourself to Homo Luminous status, have a look at the course details via this link HERE.

To book your place or get answers to any queries, do please get in touch.


This Lockdown has got us all snarled up, and is trying to keep us from sharing our strength and our light. But if you’re up to date with the gardening or DIY now, and you’ve got time on your hands at the moment(!), we can still meet up and go deeper into our spirituality…

How, I hear you forlornly cry? Well, if you have an iPad, we can Facetime each other. From your PC, we can Skype.

Or we can meet up weekly for a group Guided Meditation on Zoom. Don’t panic. You don’t have to do anything tricksy, or download apps, or anything complicated. Just click on the link I send you, pop in a meeting ID or password I also send you (if you’re asked for one) and that’s it, we’re off!

Details for the Meditation Group are currently:

  • EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNINGS, I called them this because they’re (a) relaxed and (b) on Sunday mornings, 10.30am.


  • MONDAY MONDAY, SO GOOD TO ME, a second chance to join us, cunningly enough on Monday evenings, 7pm.


  • GOODBYE RUBY TUESDAYS, a final chance to join us, guess when… on Tuesday evenings, 7pm.

If you’d like to know more about these Groups, pop me an EMAIL and I’ll send you a link to join.

Feedback about the Zoom group

“You have such a beautiful voice and that was an incredibly powerful meditation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I was honoured you invited me to join and honoured to be part of such a beautiful experience.”

Aw shucks, blushing here!

Other little rays of Sunshine in Suffolk

Equally, there are other wonderful online groups in the area; if my dates and times don’t suit, let me commend you to Jennifer Lynch’s NATURAL CO-CREATORS group on Thursday evenings, 8pm — or Gay Harrison’s SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT group, Friday evenings, 7pm. Still on Zoom, but a slightly different flavour, both still really good stuff!