Love in the time of Corona Virus

I was disheartened to hear a local Ayurvedic health practitioner tell me recently that it’s our fault we get sick with the aforementioned bussterd virus, because we did nothing to maintain our perfect bodies or perfect health.

*  BTW: the headine is the only place you’ll see me give this virus a name or identity as I will not connect to its energy

Ye Gods! Such lack of compassion or understanding for the underlying factors. Naturally, I disagree, because if you don’t know what you can’t remember, you’re a VICTIM, not a CULPRIT — and as an aside, I’m a bit shocked by the elitism and spiritual gaslighting that’s going round right now.

There’s so much “stay high” happy-clappy at the moment which is passive/aggressive shorthand for ego-led spiritual superiority (I know more than you, I’m better than you). And that attitude only perpetuates the old programming, where we enable someone sitting in judgment of us, that someone else has authority over us.

The hell they do.

So how about we don’t say “stay high”, how about we just GET high instead

This is the ultimate opportunity to see, sense, feel and root out any lower frequencies lurking within our physical bodies. All blocked emotion causes illness. Time to release it and expunge it.

Take stock, where are you right now?

There is a good article here on The Big Whisper and a helpful scale to help you plot where you are right now, to understand what level of consciousness you are running at.

So check in with yourself. Call in your Guides, meditate and enter that NOW moment, neutral, zero point. Where the past has no influence and the future is not yet manifest.

Scan your body, your energy centres, your energy field. What are you drawn to? What are you feeling or recalling? Where do you have aches, pains, sorrows, anger, why are you suddenly feeling resentful or depressed?

Locate what you’re feeling, and where — there may be several thoughts or feelings coming up.



Well done. Now take heart. (Incidentally, that’s “heart energy”, funny we say that but have forgotten why!)

Put your attention on your feelings or thoughts. You are now going to give the density “form” (a thought construct) so that you can transmute it, and remove it from your energy field with whatever healing practices you use or access.

Take time to sit with your experience and emotionally purge whatever comes up, whether that’s inner child stuff, understanding the source of your guilt or shame, the helplessness you feel, or the need for acceptance or self-love, etc.

“Form” involves constructing something from the old frequency that we can hang our hat on and then label. Perhaps you are shown it as a colour, vibration, level of light. So it can be labelled the “Dark Red box” (or whatever). It’s possible that as we start to isolate it in our physical bodies, we may experience old feelings, emotions, regrets or seeing them play out as past life recall. (Don’t worry about this, your Guides will be there for you.)

When we begin locating these feelings, and naming or labelling our new “form”, we begin integrating it — bundling the old wound into a manageable package, organising it tidily, giving it order and boundaries. Accepting it for what it is (or was), either in us or to our ancestors who weren’t able to release it before passing it forwards in their DNA. The low energy gift that keeps on giving. (Why do you think illnesses run in families?)

In accepting this “form”, we start transmuting it, and start removing it from our physical body for our divine light body to reclaim it and without judgment, releasing it to Source, however you do this.

We transmute from a state of love

We do this from a state of love, from our hearts — for ourselves, for our ancestors (who might finally be released from this vibrational level and able to move on) and for our future selves, so that we and our children’s children are released from this low frequency vibration, for ever.

We might have lived off low vibes and become sick because of it, our future selves don’t need to…

Gods having human experiences

All the above is what it means to be human (or Terran) but these denser frequencies that have dogged us and our ancestral line over time are now more easily transmuted, alchemised, than ever before.

And it is vital we release the old. It was the old excessive focus on our (manufactured) needs and a loss of awareness of the Earth, Sun and Central Sun frequencies that have been factors in the loss of our energetic balance, with ourselves and harmony with the universe.

Sure, we are a collective of gods having a human experience, but because we’re also Terrans, we’re also currently plugged into the wanton, imbalanced collective consciousness that capitalism and consumerism has created.

We were once openly connected to so much more than an Xbox — we lived alongside the elemental realms, the elements themselves, the sacred mountains and noble trees, the animal, insect, marine and plant kingdoms, the crystalline and mineral kingdoms, inner earth beings…

So by taking time to recalibrate ourselves emotionally, we start (re)creating a right relationship with all the dimensions we dropped our connection with through imbalance…

We get our balance back through this work, but more than that, as damage to these other realms was because of their proximity to us, so do they. And they need it and deserve it.

Check in at least three times a week to see if any lower vibrational density is still hiding.

Rinse and repeat till these feelings no longer persist.



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