5th dimension

As you reap, so shall you sow…

When will there be a harvest for the world? September 2020 actually…

This harvest Equinox was a glorious day of energy, one that will keep the Light of your Dream (and the dream of our collective Light) glowing brightly in the coming year.

Waking UP in the Dream.

Any dream worth manifesting will have tricky stages to go through. Stages where we question our ability to make our dreams real, make them happen. We may even doubt that we’re deserving of our dream. Or question its value to the world. Even whether we have the necessary resources to bring it to fruition — be they practical, emotional, financial, even energetic resources.

We may even be prevaricating over how much we truly believe in our dream — if the world will really miss it if we don’t deliver it, and how willing we are to stand up for this dream, to make it happen…

Don’t fret about your wobbles.

This is natural and all part of the process. The world is being shaken up by huge waves of energy right now, one after another. We are being buffeted by an initiation test of our resolve. Your steel is being tempered by fire. If you’ve hit a stumbling block, put a call up to the universe for inspiration and a new direction.

Take Heart.

In the middle of this broiling sea, your anchor is being tested. But do not give up on your dream, quit or listen to the chitterchatter voice that’s trying to dissuade you from action. You will come to look back and understand that your dream is your soul mission, hence why the reason the doubt and prevarication has been seeded in you — to make you quit, give up, loose your anchor, drift off.

Be Brave and stay True to your mission.

You are strong, you have courage, you chose to be here now. Take a deep breath and give yourself some credit for all you have been through to get to this point. The past is history. And sometimes all is not as you thought. So stop with the haircloth shirt and the flagellation. You have not failed because you did not succeed before; taking a step in the right direction WAS the success. And that’s a victory. So keep going on your path, the summit is in view…

Gather yourself.

Take stock. Acknowledge all you’ve accomplished to this harvest Equinox. Trust in the process and what happens beneath the soil, hidden from view, in the winter months. By the time we all sow our seeds at the springtime Equinox, we will be casting them on rich, fertile ground, and will all enjoy a lifechanging harvest in 2020. We just have to hold fast to our purpose.

This world needs change, and change it will have…through you, your thoughts, your deeds. Through us all.

Be a farmer for the New Earth. It’s time…

Need an Anthem for Ascension? Here you go, the evergreen Isley Brothers and Harvest for the World

PS: How am I so certain about this?

Last Friday in circle, I was given “23” — with my usual vanity, I thought it was to do with my birthdate and how special the number is! (Beckham’s shirt number, etc.)

But I joined the dots yesterday because of someone dreaming about being on a train, getting on another train and seeing the first train explode.

This is all about timelines. On yesterday’s harvest Equinox we jumped up a timeline. If that old timeline is now derailed, it means past, present and future timelines are collapsing into zero point right now. The #2020 New Earth Krysted Timeline shifts are fully anchored and will only amplify over the next 12 months.

My experience of this was that I lay down for a quick healing boost about 2.15pm. Instead of a shot of shazam, I received some intense spirit healing work on my solar plexus and heart centres, something I haven’t been through in a long time. A lot of angry thoughts were surfacing about people I know to be greys, vril or illuminati. Thus I realised I was clearing old ties and emotions keeping me on a lower timeline — and an hour later, I got up fizzing with energy.

So a new path is not just possible, but is available to us now so that we can manifest the New Earth we so dearly want to see… That’s why I say, we need to get creating and using our imagination, so we can manifest our dreams and all bring in a higher harvest next September!

Stay in your 💛 love will do the rest…

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Be the Ripple and the Lake, it’s time…

Heaven on Earth can be ours, if we want it badly enough

With everything going on in the world, you could be forgiven for thinking we’re off to hell in a hand cart.

So much pain, envy, accusation in the collective consciousness — many are angry, judgmental, anxious and fearful about what is to become of us all. But take heart, trust in the flow, allow the birthing of the New Earth. It’s time.

I was recently asked why I wasn’t bothered about Brexit, the alleged fresh food shortages that will ensue, medicine shortages, the attack on democracy that is the proroguing of parliament. All that low-rent “fear” stuff.

I was also asked about the Ascension process. That instead of us all coming together, the middle ground is falling away, we have never been so polarised, so is there something we can do to avoid conflict, or is what we’re going through a “normal” part of awakening?

My answer to both is that it is all part and parcel of the same (old) parcel!

The old structures are disintegrating, church and state, and the old ways are being seen for what they are — corrupt, controlling and wrongminded.

So it’s understandable that, at this time, we need certainty and cling to those institutions that we know (however flawed they may be).

But our faith and beLIEfs in our institutions are part of our old way of BEing, and we’re leaving that behind. The truth is our old ways don’t work for everyone; consequently, they don’t work, period. (Do I need to mention tax avoidance and evasion by major corporations versus the callous withdrawal of PIP payments to our most vulnerable?)

Thus it is time to go up a frequency notch, co-create and usher in a new, better timeline. If we don’t like the old governance, why hold fast to it?

What we’re going through ain’t big, clever or normal

The polarisation of opinions, lack of consensus, lack of constructive ideas (or chaos) we‘re witnessing is neither natural nor normal. It’s the end days for long-term, wholesale manipulation where the masses serve the select few… And the select few ain’t happy about it.

How so? Well, especially for #Brexit, the case for boosting the economy and for ensuring economic growth always takes precedence, and our desires are bonfired in favour of that lofty goal. For the last couple of hundred years (the span of which is no coincidence), we have prioritised economic growth over personal health, the health of the nation, the health of the planet — and at the expense of our happiness.

If you can’t see anything wrong with that, answer me this:

What has economic growth done for YOU lately?

Honestly? Aside from a few quid in your pocket, there will have been little to make a fundamental positive difference in your life, or in the way of the world.

For instance:

  • Economic growth is what our politicians cite when they want us to agree to something (such as the introduction of 5G), but also tell us that we can’t do something else as it will harm economic growth (such as legislating a ban on single-use plastics).
  • Or when it comes to a high-speed rail link and a major construction/infrastructure project such as  HS2, funds can miraculously be found; but when it comes to the NHS, or better state pensions at a reasonable retirement age, there is suddenly no magic money tree…

Thus “economic growth” has helped no-one but a few individuals and multinational corporations. And whilst our taxes have funded subsidies and tax breaks for them, there has been no improvement in social care provision, or mental health facilities, or building more schools, or indeed anything that makes a positive difference to daily lives. This is the iniquity we want to retain?

If “economic growth” changed anything for us lower orders, surely all the inventions and discoveries of the past 50 years that could change lives would be fully implemented by now, for us and the planet.

So if the fruits of this serves-the-few growth were applied to improving our lot:

  • There’d be more social housing, and no shitty living conditions offered by unscrupulous landlords rack-renting tenants in mouldy, cold, damp and dangerous housing — or having to have sex in lieu of rent. And working people wouldn’t still be homeless, living in tents on the streets because their minimum wage, zero hours contract doesn’t go far enough.
  • We’d be free to expand our energy renewables sector as we wouldn’t be tied into a quid pro quo foreign trade deal (cf. Sizewell C, EDF, China General Nuclear). So perhaps more solar roof tiles à la Tesla instead of conventional tiles. Or maybe even divesting ourselves of the need to generate energy of our own by tapping into his “free” universal energy (harnessing scalar energy) — which would ensure there’d be no need for further nuclear power, fracking, or coal.

Then, free from fear about health, money, life, a roof over our head, food on the table, the planet, we could naturally achieve higher levels of consciousness — at which time I’d happily be out of a day-job! No-one would need “healing” as there’d no longer be anything causing “dis-ease”. And you’d all be healing yourselves because you remembered how…

So why is there disharmony and imbalance everywhere you look?

What we are seeing is the rise of our consciousness calling time on centuries of manipulation, a time where the Old Order reigned supreme, keeping us in servitude. They’ve enjoyed their time in control and have worked too damned hard to lose the upper hand now and become redundant before they’re ready.

And for our part, we were meant to stay the docile, trusting minions of a brainwashed patriarchy, accepting of our lot, not understanding we had been played. Manipulated by our masters, and as a result of dulled perception, we actively created the prison in which we have languished, dragging our sorry unaware arses round until we dropped dead. The End.

That’s 3D and the 3rd Dimension for you.

But the chaos and polarisation we currently find ourselves in is the start of the fight back. This is the 4th Dimension. In 4D, we are “awake” and finally aware the system doesn’t work for us, doesn’t value us, doesn’t value our values.

We are also aware of a disconnect between ourselves, how life could be and our higher selves — and whilst we yearn for change, we don’t know how to accomplish it because our higher selves can’t be heard above the chaos, and we haven’t learnt to tune into it anyway.

So this is why it has turned ugly, there’s a lot at stake — winner takes all.

Additionally, in 4D we start bringing our higher mind into our physical body and thus realise we’ve been fed an illusion by the hidden few, who have been wilfully pillaging the planet whilst leading us all towards destruction.

So this I urge… If you’re newly awake and trying to join the dots, please don’t get dragged into this sideshow called “parliamentary democracy”. Sorry to break the news, but we don’t have a democracy and never have had; it is an illusion and part of the 3D programming we need to dismantle.

What can we do?

Instead, take time to focus on your “thoughts”. Every one of your thoughts or beLIEfs needs scrutiny and dissection. What is good? What is bad? What is right? Are any of our beliefs actually “true”? How many come from you, and how many have you inherited from your family, schools, churches, society?

Why is it important to know this? Because our thoughts create our reality, and that which we put our attention on grows.

Nothing ever was created without thinking about it first… So if you’re caught up in the fear of our future after Brexit, your fearful thoughts create a future environment in which we find the fearful prospect we feared! (Phew!)

So change your focus and your programmed thoughts

Hating on others for not having the same “thoughts” we do has to go, as do civil unrest and protest-in-the-street thoughts. These are angry thoughts that simply fan more anger, more hate, more division. And inspire a “we are better than them” culture.

The same is true of blame thoughts — so stop with the “we wouldn’t be in this mess if Little Englanders weren’t all racist pensioners” or “we wouldn’t be here if Cameron hadn’t tried to stop Tory defection to UKIP”, etc. All we do with thoughts like these is fan more flames — or further incoherence in the political and collective consciousness.

Similarly, other “attack” thoughts need to be quashed too. Hating on Trump, or reviling Bolsonaro, or the Chinese, or Muslims puts yet more hate and anger out there. There are a lot of Chinese (1.43 billion) and hating on Muslims means you’re hating about a quarter of the world’s population (1.8 billion). That means your negative, low frequency thoughts and emotions tie 25% of the world’s population to a lower frequency and timeline. No wonder the ascension balloon can’t rise as quickly as it should.

So quell your judgmental, critical thoughts. And calm your fear or doubt thoughts. They are not real, but will come to BE if you stick in this mindset, because you are more powerful than you know, and you will manifest that which you fear the most…

Each of these damaging mindsets also flags up that we’re stalling on our ascension path, and that our frequency is plummeting after an initial positive trajectory.

If this is you, don’t beat yourself up for this. It’s not a permanent stall, you just have to see that personal incoherence “creates” incoherence in Westminster, and amplifies planetary incoherence as we throw off the Old Order but haven’t figured out how to be in this new space, or create the New Earth yet.

>> It’s OK, don’t be dismayed; we have friends in high places and they’re all here helping us find our feet whilst we get used to this higher (spiritual) ground…

So rigorously scrutinise all your thoughts, beliefs, judgments, triggers. As we see them for what they are (fear), we will lift our vibration and learn how to create the world we truly want to live in, through our thoughts. And it is so.

The EU referendum was a tissue of lies from start to finish, from BOTH sides — but that moment is done, and wrangling over the outcome only ties us to a past way of thinking on an old timeline.

>> Know this, we will never rise above lower dimensional control by putting our trust in the same failed mechanisms that created the problem in the first place.

The old paradigm is taking its last gasp. Don’t breathe your precious life force back into it. If we are here now, it is because we are the ones to break the bounds of this current creation, and create a new, better, finer, fairer world for all.

The World will be as One

IMAGINE IT and you will call New Earth into BEing. That will be the 5th Dimension, 5D, Heaven on Earth — a way of living that’s in harmony with everything that calls this gorgeous rock of ours home.

Let your old thinking dissolve, trust in the Divine process supporting planetary ascension, transmute out of hating or attack mode and focus on creating the harmonious world WE want to live in…

Forget settling scores, forget coming on social media to troll others for what you have deemed are their flawed opinions, stop reacting and sharing the latest thing that Trump is supposed to have done.

Simply ask yourself “How can I serve the highest benefit of all today?”

Then, instead of being stuck in the morass that is 4D, put your 5D hat on and send everyone (and everything) peace, love, laughter, happiness, safety, abundance, bliss… In fact, from the heart, wish them everything they seek for themselves or for the planet (yes, even Brexiteers!)

A fear-based frame of mind merely creates more fear. But a love-based frame of mind enables chaos to dissolve, and the co-creation of harmony, balance, and natural order.

Heaven on Earth, for all.

You choose. But the planet is ascending, with or without you. All change? Climb aboard.

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Time to rise and SHINE!

Why is the world the way it is?

Two words, PREDATOR PARASITES. And most people have no idea that such things exist, let alone what to do about them.

These are the fallen ones, the Archons. Aligned with Team Dark (whose top strikers upfront include Jehovah, the Annunaki and Isis the Mad), they are masters of depraved etheric evolution. So good at disguise are they that they’re cocky enough to hide in the open – where we still can’t “see” them because we’re programmed not to see beyond the ends of our noses.

Hideous beasties in human skin suits are apparently not out of the ordinary to our entrained minds… and to us in the lower dimensions, they can rustle up any identity they like. And they do.

And just so we’re all clear on the terminology:

  • A Dimension is a location or a realm of existence.
  • A Density is the stage of development we’ve reached along our growth path.
  • A Density State equates to the development stage the collective consciousness has reached – Humans 2.0 are still mainly in a 3rd density state until we fully awaken to our infinite possibilities.

So, we’re 3rd dimensional beings in a gooey morass, ploughing our way through the 4th density domain, which the predator parasites control, trying to leave the past behind and enter New Earth’s 5th dimension.

Our current situation

Backing up for a moment to explain why we’re at where we’re at.

In essence, Light equals Knowledge, and light/knowledge can either illuminate (reveal the truth) or blind you (hide the truth).

Further, Light is a frequency that can be polarised, either positive or negative. Spiritually, in being attracted to Light’s negative polarity, we follow a Service to Self (STS) path, spiritually separated from the Light as the path leads us unknowingly from our true path and back into the Dark.

Team Dark has blindsided (or blindsighted) us. To give an analogy here, negatively polarised light acts the same way a powerful torch beamed straight at your face would… we are dazzled, the glare promises a light-filled direction but all it actually delivers is blindness.

Taking us towards blindness (of truth and reality) was Team Dark’s plan ever since Atlantis, trapping us in lives in density, blocking our access and connection to Source, to the Light.

Thankfully, with help from the Community of Light (the many and varied Galactic Forces), we are now clearing out the negative entity rear guard that has anchored Earth in the 4th dimension and blocked her ascension to the 5th dimension.

At the same time, Humans 2.0 are up for parole after completing their “sentence” in 3D (3rd density), where we’ve sat in an evolutionary Groundhog Day, in a state of DNA collapse for millennia. Unable to ascend to higher densities and dimensions because our way was blocked by the “Veil”, an energetic frequency that blanketed us, disconnecting us from Source, tethering us to lower (unnatural) densities.

I say “sentence” because Earth has effectively been a prison planet, with Humans 2.0 held in a dense low state thanks to our gullibility and Annunaki manipulation. Our DNA was collapsed, the planet was corralled by an energy fence that reinforced the unnatural frequency we existed under. And we were programmed (or mind mapped) to cleave to the negative polarity of that frequency.

We are collectively in the 4th density – Archon domain. But Mother Earth is moving into the 5th dimension and now that she has been released, there is nothing to stop us choosing whether to stay here  to help her and all its dwellers recoup themselves from the damage we have inflicted on them and the environment, or moving on to other locations (dimensions) to continue our existence.

Thus our duality does not “end” until we return to 6th density (or 7th dimension).

But the only thing stopping us now is us and how awake we are to our divine selves, our gifts, our soul purpose.

Why has entrapment worked?

Because the manner in which we’ve been mind-mapped (or entrained) puts our logical brain and ego mind in charge. Thoughts from the left brain are programmed to take precedence; thoughts from the right brain are dismissed by the left brain with lofty “if-this-then-that” type statements such as “There is no empirical evidence XYZ exists, so I couldn’t possibly have just seen an XYZ”. Strewth!

Entrapment has also persisted because appearances are deceptive, and the predators are adroit at taking forms guaranteed to pander to our ego minds.

  • If you’re a devout follower of a religion, they may present themselves as your favourite saint, or perhaps the Virgin Mary (who always bears an uncannily striking resemblance to her mass-produced statues…)
  • If you sense you’re meant to lead others into higher states of consciousness, they may appear to you as a Deity, or in archangelic form to mislead, distract, manipulate and ultimately exploit you. (I had Shiva appear to me during meditation when I first came to Suffolk. As if! Good job I never followed that lead.)
  • But if you are fascinated by the possibility of extra-terrestrials, they may cod themselves up as a benign ET or an exalted member of the Intergalactic forces; someone who has watched your progress with kindly pride and interest, selecting you (out of every other deserving soul on earth) to be their new bestie and special emissary.

They always intimate they’re beings of the light but if that’s Light, it’s a mighty false one. (This phalanx of Team Dark is served by the Rogue White Brotherhood – RWB affiliates thinks they’re serving Team Light, they are actually serving the Darkness and don’t know it.)

It is deeply insidious. As an example, duped devotees try to bring others in to the false light and knowledge. In a meditative state with someone who has unwittingly allowed a specific mind mapping to be imposed on them, the head honcho Archangel started muscling his way through all his entourage to get to me, to show me how “special” and precious I am… What? More precious than anyone else? Behave! I expect I was had that way before, so my more canny “I AM” presence had me hurtling out of there faster than you can say “feathers in a flurry”.

The clincher is that from the energy they’ve predated, the parasites keep enough back to give each unsuspecting Human 2.0 who falls for the ploy a few extra insights or visions, maybe an unnatural buzz or high. The undiscerning take it as confirmation they’ve been visited by Team Light (the universe’s positively aligned beings); that they are special and chosen and thus slavishly do whatever their new contact says to bring about change to the world. This rogue connection simply traps you further…

It’s a dastardly but really quite brilliant play. These predators are accomplished impressionists. They closely study Team Light until they can mimic key players with ease. And they pull off their performances because we’ve fallen so far, discern so little and have forgotten how contact with Team Light high-ups should actually feel. So for those of us still clearing, healing, upgrading and expanding (and whose inner guidance systems are a bit awry), the parasites have passed themselves off as the good guys very easily. Damme their slitty eyes

Don’t feel bad about being suckered. Many of us were fooled and caught this way. It was in the past and is part of our shadow self. Transmute it and move on. A life on New Earth, in the 5th dimension, is waiting for you…

But New Earth isn’t all fairies, flowers and happy hippies. There isn’t a superhero riding over the hill to sort our mess. We still need to slough off our old beLIEfs, become more discerning, and recognise that we are our own saviours, so that we can return to our birthright and continue on our missions.

Because we all have missions, our soul purpose. Think how splendid the world will be when we no longer fill our lives with empty gestures that fill the gap left on forgetting our purposes. For instance, no more the soulless consumerism for the latest designer trainers (so no more exploitation of pieceworkers in 3rd world countries). No need for instant fixes. Just living your life “on purpose”, marrying your gifts with your soul’s yearning. Coherence and bliss! Beautiful.

So don’t think you’re done because you’re awake, searching and on your way. Over time, many have been lulled into spiritual complacency, believing that if we just raise our vibes and shower luv’n’lite, we’re home and dry. Living a life on purpose means throwing over that kind of laziness, which is what lowered us into this density in the first place.

We are now reclaiming all that we are, and accepting (self) responsibility for finding and making good on our purpose.

So if we’re reclaiming ourselves, our first act must be to kick our parasitic “klingons” into the long grass. No more feeding off our life force. And no more listening to that false (programmed) voice inside our heads that has diverted us from our purpose.

We need to remove the junk programming that has separated us from Source and each other and the false beLIEfs that hold us in this web.

Join my NEW course to help you with this reclamation, to help you distinguish between what are your true thoughts, and what are repeating loops of Team Dark’s control programming. Click HERE for more information…

How these thieving bussterds steal energy and take up residence in your energy field

Mealtime 1: Your energy

These thieving parasites are “attachments”. They’ve invested a great deal of effort in keeping you in the Dark, and these fanged fiends tap into corrupted, toxic pools of stagnation deep in your shadow self – to disconnect you from your Higher Self and from Source. And they want to keep it that way.

Thus they’re triplestitched into your energy field and holed up in your emotional pathways.

Their ideal hiding places are stagnant, rotting pits of hurt they can fully anchor into (with their three rows of teeth, myriad spiky spines like chestnuts). Look at anyone you know; if you can see where their physiologies are out of balance, it’s a dead cert that’s the home base of the unwanted attachment(s).

FOR EXAMPLE         Weight held around the stomach suggests this is a centre of stagnant energy and unresolved hurts, and the obvious site for parasitic attachment(s) to run the show.

Because there are so many programmed triggers available to the parasite. There is, of course, genuine need. But there is also food as reward. Food as punishment. Food as self-medication. (And there is distortion of self and denial of what you can “see” truth with illnesses such as anorexia.)

That makes the solar plexus area the perfect site for an attachment to locate because blockages here:
•   prevent Light from entering the system through the solar plexus;
•   prevent communication flow (in and out) of the solar plexus and disrupts the activity of this key energy centre
•   put your full energy system out of balance – centres in the top and bottom halves of your body and your crystal array go out of sync and thus energy flow and messages from one centre to another do not get sent or received, and
•   provide the perfect hidey hole to “feed” off the misery caused by feelings of self-loathing, lack of willpower over food and poor body image. Breaking the balance of your energy centres and their crystals.

When the siphoning is about to kick off, we unwittingly surrender to the negative thought or emotion that has been programmed into us – in my case, it is an interchangeable thought-train that I am Stupid/Fat/Ugly.

Whatever triggers you, once the false mantra is triggered your energetic flow slows, your resonance drops, the siphoning starts. The energy starts to stagnate around our “blockage”, we create a solid homestead for the bussterd to anchor into and there’s no stopping it till Operation Siphon is complete.

So when we feel any of the low vibrational states (such as fear, guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, sorrow, worthlessness, uselessness), our internal worlds shut down. We have insufficient energy to sustain our normal higher state, the flow of energy through our “blockage” slows and chummy-with-the-teeth latches on, perhaps so much so that we physically feel the blocked area becoming tight or painful.

Indeed, the No. 1 foodstuff of kings for the parasite comes from engendering fear – even mortal fear – in you, as this creates the “loosh” they crave (whether there is a reason for your fear or not). I see it daily in my Mother, who is frightened at the same time each day, without being able to say why and even though I explain she is safe. (It’s feeding time!)

This is all centred on your internal blockage(s), deliberately planned and carefully programmed in.

But you don’t need a psychic plumber to unblock you! The solution is to act instantly to raise your frequency. Find your giggle, indulge in a long-forgotten pleasure or passion, boost your happiness, hope, contentment, love, friendship. Or just go somewhere in Nature. Whatever you do, as your internal world lights up, you will start to feel good again, your energy will just beam (which they will just hate!), you will feel excited, optimisitc, energised, clean, good, deserving. Happy.

Know that they’re leaving. The remaining bods now have to join forces to survive, which means they’re bigger, nastier and firefighting all over their network to retain control of their subjects. There’s a battle on to remove them, once and for all and it’s going well. You can help by being aware of this and by stopping giving your energy to them; they use it to recharge, rejuvenate and regenerate. As fast as Team Light takes ’em out; we keep letting them back in. Stop it!

Mealtime 2: Parasites that piggyback off you

Essentially, in the right conditions, these parasitic entities can strike out at other people through you because of how you feel, good or bad, about these other people.

If you were in a queue for the first day of the sales, surrounded by people you don’t know, your attachment(s) cannot register that any of these folks exist – since, apart from the eejit that just trod on your foot, there is no emotional connection to any of them. These bargain hunters are invisible, under the detection radar, safe from energetic attack. In the clear.

But, if you were thinking about a member of the family who was going through a tough time, or a friend who’d done the dirty on you with your fella, it doesn’t matter whether you’re thinking of them with good or bad feelings, emotions are energy in motion. Your attachment can follow your thoughts and thus “see” who youre thinking of. They trace your energy connection to that person and latch on, wherever your family member is, whatever your cheating friend is doing.

Worse yet, have you ever had a fight with someone, or a gut-wrenching disappointment that when you look back at it, the bad blood you share with someone else boils over and you become angry, vengeful, fearful, guilty, hurt all over again?

Those negative feelings are emotional poison, a dark marinade to choke the soul. Something that, when the memory is triggered, sets up the perfect storm for creating bigger and harder blockages in your body. And any negative emotions, even if targeted on someone else, reinforces the parasite’s hold on you and sends some of that poison to the person you’re thinking about.

Just thinking about someone (particularly someone that stokes low emotions in you) forges an energetic connection. If you feel vengeful or hatred, your energy flow obligingly pumps heavy, dark, low resonances through you to them. The more this happens, the more these etheric connections become entrenched. The parasitic attachment(s) prod you when they need a feed, and stoke up these unresolved wounds. They then actively use those energetic connections to infect new people, siphon off their energy, cause harm and travel round the world lowering the collective resonance without let or hindrance.

Putting in some internal clearance and release work recently on forgiving and seeking forgiveness, I was shown this stuff in my 3rd Eye. Dense, sticky, fetid, impenetrable black goo. Ugh! I don’t know if it’s the same as this, or what its other purposes might be. I can only say what I saw and it was grim… Imagine a pool of tarmac on a hot day, one you accidentally tread in with your nice white plimsolls. Now imagine the gloopy strands threading off your feet as you try to wriggle free. Each sticky thread holds you in place, your shoes ruined. This goo is parasitic paradise, their home pitch, their superconductor. That’s why finding your way through 4D is such tough going. It’s their turf, their domain. So you’ve gotta get out of the goo, and you’ve got to clean your plimmies off.

Magnify this to include wrongs you’ve doled out in the past and you can see why we’re so firmly glued together. I used to think these strings were karmic debt. To be honest, I’m not even sure that exists – it’s a thought construct that’s part of the programming used to create this random access network between us all.

The route map out of the goo

But don’t feel stuck. Here’s the route map out of the black goo.

  • Think about those who have wronged you (or who you have wronged). Send them love, empathy, joy, compassion, understanding, forgiveness or kindness. Pour on the Love, for it is Light and acts like a cosmic bottle of Vanish, setting to on dissolving that vile gloop instantly.
  • Train yourself to recognise the frequency differences between what are our thoughts (heart centred), and those which have been implanted and called up by the predators (into the left brain, appealing to the ego mind). Once we know who is speaking to us, we can jump off our empty trains of thought, and redirect our thinking to healthier subjects and higher vibrational states.

In seeking to survive, the Fallen Ones have taught us a lesson. All potentiality resides in each and every experience we have. Be they positive or negative, all lessons are valid and valuable on our path… The lesson here is that we need to wake up to how we’ve been so easily controlled, and to the importance of going deep with the transmutational work of love and forgiveness. That way, we clear the goo that ties us to our shadow selves and snares us all together, across our world.

To say goodbye to the boys from the black stuff, all we truly need is LOVE. For in New Earth, anything less than Love is unacceptable.

Go deep, go now. Recognise your power to heal yourself and to free others. And be worthy of it.

I have a great NEW course for removing goo, healing inner child wounds, understanding what thoughts are yours, finding your soul purpose – all with lovely guided meditation to help you heal and purge at each stage. For more information, get in touch NOW for dates of the next series…

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