Winter is a necessity if Spring is to come…

You may not like the time you live in. You may feel there is nothing good about being here, right now… You may feel everything seems hopeless, in a world run by big business and small politicians only interested in feathering their own nests.

But how about you see this time as an opportunity instead.

Opportunity Knocks

We were all born for a reason. And we are here to learn certain lessons during our lifetime. So “Wintertime” is the perfect time to do that. After all, if we didn’t take stock in winter, how would we ever move forward?

The “gift” in Winter is to have the courage to give up our fight and let winter settle in. Because surrendering to winter gives us time to think about the future, for everything on the plant, in a considered way that is not possible whilst we persist in running Capitalism as our default operating system. And our boot disk is so-called Progress. So continuing to run outdated notions in the hope that we will achieve year on year growth to the detriment of everything else, well that truly does signal a bleak midwinter.

Winter is a time when we can all slow down, reflecting on our relationship with others and with our natural world — acknowledging how its riches, the environment and the poorest people are currently exploited to produce what is really nothing more than fripperies.

Make it a time where we reflect on the things we genuinely need.

To do this, we just need to step away from our false path. There are so many ways we can turn our backs on capitalism and the plunder of the planet. The easiest way is probably to shuck the constan tcommercial tyranny of purchasing that season’s New and Spangly possessions, where marketeers have programmed us with the notion that the latest phone, gadget or fashion trend shows we are people of importance and discernment.

This woeful myth has merely accelerated our destruction of the planet. We ditch perfectly serviceable goods, in order to replace them with the next Oki-Koki 2020, in the false belief it will make us happy.

Actually, all the Oki-Koki 2020 does is suck us (and the resources of the planet) dry.

So now is a time for a spring-cleaning old attitudes.

I would like you to sweep through your house on a pre-Spring reconnoitre. Take out everything that has languished at the bottom of your drawers and cupboards, and think about your relationship to them — taking time to notice just how much “stuff” you have that means precisely nothing to you, stuff that just adds to your clutter. The clothes you’re never going to diet into, the language course you’re never going to finish, the extra bedlinen you bought in the January sales but never used.

Question is, what do you do with everything once you’ve decided what stays and what goes?

Well now, here’s the twist. Most domestic goddesses and spiritual energy gurus will tell you move it along to a charity shop, recycle it, repurpose it. If you need your space back, this is perfectly valid.

No throwing stuff out just to declutter

BUT, I am going to be a bit perverse and argue against (most of) the Kondo-styley decluttering fad. I am putting the case that we do not throw anything away just to declutter.

If we simply throw our “stuff” away, we lose the richness of the past whilst perpetuating the cycle of buying into “newness”, snagging ourselves in its commercial tyranny ever more.

We can keep ourselves free of clutter and the cult of newness by giving away things to others we are certain will use our things well. Or we can use them as resources for our next up-do project: it is amazing how much can be reused if we become less stuck in our thinking about something’s potential purpose.

Think of it… A world where we are all able to both let go of things easily, as well as truly honouring them. Where the past becomes a glorious resource that enriches our lives rather than enslaving us to the eternal call for progress. Perhaps even a world where sharing our surpluses becomes the norm.

Working this way we certainly create a state of Winter.

But it also gives us the time to prepare for a real Spring, one built on the treasures of the past rather than on our wrong thinking. A world where we respect our belongings and treat them — and the land they came — from with respect.


The process of organising for Spring is hidden within rightminded thinking and action in Winter, a time for us to practise gratitude for the many blessings in our lives.

So we don’t just ditch and run, we look at each item with fresh eyes.

  • Is that coat really feeling the love shoved at the back of the wardrobe?
  • Would those outgrown toys have more fun at a children’s playgroup than in a box under the stairs?
  • Is that book you’ve never read happy to collect dust on a shelf for the next 10 years?

If you’re struggling to release old belongings, don’t beat yourself up. You may well find it easier if you try showing them some respect instead. Hold each item in turn and offer your gratitude to it before deciding whether to place it in the keep, donate or up-do pile.

If you’ve inherited some items, your ancestors will thank you too, showering love on you for honouring them by honouring their belongings…

Think about it. A house full of nothing but abundance, respect and gratitude. And you’re radiating all that out to the world.

Damn but that feels good. And I can feel you from here…

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Let’s co-create the World we want to see

So we’re awake. Now what?

So we’re awake, or at least awakening. And we’re awaiting (some more patiently than others!) Some will have fully realised their roles and potential; some will still be wondering what to do with the insights and fledgling gifts they are recognising.

But uniformly, we’re all asking “So what’s next?”

Well, now it is time to start aligning our thoughts and desires for New Earth with our inner truths and feelings. Change is tantalisingly close and abundance is available to all, but we need to cement it into our lives by creating the probability that it will enter.

Our thoughts are cocked and primed for CREATION — so once we have given thanks for what we have, we’ll start using that same energy to create what we want.

Trouble is, as we don’t wholeheartedly yet believe in our ability to create anything on our own, our feelings still hold the old imprinted fear that we can’t. So we don’t.

This is what limits our creativity — the fear that we are just not “enough” of what we need to be to create what we desire, whether for our highest benefit, or the highest benefit of all.

Thus, we need to establish ourselves in CLARITY, where we understand what “creation” can bring about for us, so that we can be clear about what it is that we desire.

So visualise what it would be like to have your desires manifest. (BTW, rubies are said to enhance mental clarity if you are currently lacking in that department. A quick note to Santa perhaps?)

Better yet, simply DREAM your desires (and the rubies) into being!

When I was a kid, the lunchbreak “cool thing” to do was juggling two balls against a wall. (Such innocent times.)

Sadly I just couldn’t sync my hands. I could throw the 1st ball at the wall or pass the 2nd ball from my left to my right hand. But then, I’d spectacularly drop both.

So much did I want to master this, I dreamt about it. Naturally, in my dream I was A-MA-ZING — with everyone marvelling at my dexterity and cheering me on. Buoyed by their applause, higher and higher the balls went, and further and further I stood from the wall…

When I awoke the next morning, I was there but also not. Guided down stairs by someone or something, I ignored my parents’ exhortations to have breakfast. Instead, I scared up two tennis balls and went outside to give the juggling a fresh go…

A snapshot entered my head of the dream I had had; and my hands were “nudged” into the right rhythm by my invisible someone. With that nudge, there I was, juggling like a pro… and feeling ecstatically happy, high, exultant!

Well, cute story and all, it’s not about playground glory any more. However, it does tap into exactly the same energy flow for manifesting what we desire for the world.

Take time to recall how glory FEELS…

What feeling do you get when you think of a planet without imbalance, pollution, disharmony?

What do you feel when you think of a “happy” planet, where everyone supports each other, helping the least amongst us to achieve? (Heck, where there isn’t even a “least” amongst us anymore?)

Or what feeling do you have when you think of the unbounded flourishing of our forests, flora, fauna, wildlife?

And when you genuinely give heartfelt thanks for your gifts and all you have, how does that feel?

It’s a kind of thrill, an excitement and quickening in the blood, a rush of new energy stimulated by our thoughts. It’s a change in our frequency; the impetus behind manifesting our desires.

Each of us is the co-Creator of our Reality

With true gratitude and being mindful of our feelings, it is simply not possible to toss off blasé thanks for what we receive.

With true gratitude, we are genuinely appreciative of what has been presented to us. Giving thanks for the food we eat, the beauty that surrounds us — or for our physical comforts, the comfort derived from loved ones, beloved animals, or friendships, for finding work that fulfils us, and all the things that bring satisfaction, pleasure, joy.

There it is again, that thrill at our good fortune.

FEEL how wonderful this gratitude is — FEEL the incredible energy it creates within you, coursing through you.

Thus, no matter how hard daily life can sometimes tear us down, we need to remember that our feelings make us intensely powerful — with creativity and abundance to spare and share from within our thoughts, feelings and dreams.

Each of us is the co-creator of our reality, and responsible for lifting the current reality on Earth.

Thus by being present and mindful, and offering thanks from our hearts, we create change, because the Universe listens to what we are expressing!

And the Earth listens too — so does every plant, tree, bird, bee, butterfly and wild creature! The change in you changes the creative spark in them, leading everything to flourish.

And because you are radiating this glory, that’s what the Universe and Mother Earth will keep on serving up. Ever increasing glory!


Do you live near a body of water? Why not take some time over the weekend to SING your gratitude for water to the water — so the water can carry that creative energy throughout the planet, spreading love, spreading joy, firing up the creation of change.

Whenever you find yourself near a body of water, try singing this lilting Algonquin Water Song, because the water has memory. It is alive and it is also listening. But it may yet need a helping hand to realign itself with its true nature (because of what man’s careless actions have imposed on it).

This Algonquin song means: “The water is the life’s blood of our Mother, the Earth. Water is the life’s blood of our own bodies.”

(c) SingTheWaterSong.com

Nee bee wah bow
En die en
Aah kee mis kquee
Nee bee wah bow
Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey
Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho

Sing it FOUR times, each time making a quarter turn to face one of the four cardinal directions, in this order: East, then South, West, North.

As we heal and bring balance to the waters of the world, this exchange restores balance and rightness to us as well.

And the more balanced we are, and the less doubt we have over our innate abilities, the more we can create…

If getting to a body of water isn’t an option, why not sing this song to the Skies — with the intention that the WIND whispers up a gentle breeze and carries your loving creativity to its good friend, WATER.

The Algonquin Water Song expresses loving gratitude for the water and raises the consciousness and connection of women with Mother Nature’s greatest gift.

Their hope is that millions of women will sing it, raising their own connection and awareness of the water they interact with daily (even if it’s only in the shower or at the sink). They believe this is a powerful step to change, leading to both a spiritual as well as environmental shift on our planet.

Water within the Air, the aether of life, co-creating with the amniotic fluid of the planet to promote life and growth, in abundance, for all.


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