Shining a light on those voices within

We are conditioned to think channelling is all about big messages. There’s a whole industry out there centred on folks professing to be the one that Lord El Morya / The 9 / Gaia / AA Michael / Cayeraeron / Kwan Yin / the Galactic Council, etc, etc (* delete as appropriate) has chosen to speak through. Well, possibly. Maybe even probably. But if you’re listening to what others are channelling, you’re not tuning in to what’s coming through to YOU.

And be in no doubt, you ARE getting messages now, big messages. You just don’t hear them.

So many things are channelled, we have come to ignore it as a special gift from Spirit. We take it for granted, and take the credit for the good idea that paid dividends. We have forgotten that the “brainwave” emanated outside of ourselves, from within the aetheric realm. In the aether, through the aether, by the aether, we are shown what to do, and where Spirit will take us if we simply choose to connect.

But because “channelling” is only noteworthy when it’s the B-I-G stuff, channeled knowledge isn’t a thing. Or we doubt ourselves and feel we can’t do it, or that others are better.

Correction, maybe that’s just me. There was a time I thought others were better. In my last crew, there was an Arcturian girly hailed as “a natural-born medium”, so it never mattered what I could see/hear/experience, I was always lesser somehow. And I had no idea how to move beyond my fledgling ability to tune in, even that it was presumptuous to think I could.

Thus at first, as a healer, I was a little backward in coming forward, working passively with my healing team as a kind of introducer and onlooker. And because of that, to start with, I didn’t go much beyond asking for help for my healing clients and getting it.

But I’m naturally at the point where I’m ready for more now, so when Mum got pneumonia in late February, followed by hospital-acquired Covid, the shift in me was even more apparent.

So I offer you this, in the hope that if you find yourself in the same situation, you can borrow from this “channelling”, and make all the difference to a loved one, to your connection to Spirit and to your ancestral chain.

Pneumonia & Covid – the ugly sisters

I sat gripped by the fear Mum might not make it for a while… And then I thought, “the hell she won’t, not on my watch”. Let’s be honest, the pneumonia should have finished Mum off; the Covid should certainly have knocked her off her perch. But my Mum is holding on for some reason, so I wanted to help her fulfil any vow or promise she’d made, by honouring any vow or promise I’d made to her…

Buoyed up by the energies of IMBOLC, I extended my energy to Mum remotely in her hospital bed and asked to connect to her. (I know the connection is good when it goes black in my 3rd eye.) Locked and loaded, as it were, but clueless as to what to do next. But I knew it was going to be BIG. So I waited and didn’t doubt myself and accepted that I would follow where whatever came to mind took us. I had no overall idea of the outcome, just that it would be for the highest benefit.

Not much for a while, just a lot of remote hand-holding, until I found myself telling Mum that I was sending her energy, from my heart to hers. That I was sending it down my right arm into her left hand. “Feel it in your fingers, in your palm, passing your wrist Mum, up to your forearm, up past your elbow, up past your shoulder, across to your throat centre and then down, down to your heart… feel it flow, a river of energy from my heart to yours…”

A short pause, and the energy flowed. Then I started again. “Mum, I’m sending you more energy, from my heart to yours. It’s coming down my left arm this time and into your right fingertips, into your palm, past your wrist, up your forearm, past the elbow, up into your shoulder and across the shoulder blade to your throat and then down, down to your heart. Boom, feel this light glowing, expanding in your heart. Feel this flow coursing through both arms, with love, from me, to you… Always to your heart…”

If you can imagine White Crystal Light flowing from my heart, down both arms into her hands, up her arms to her shoulders, across to her throat and down to her heart centre, it makes a HEART shape…

Mum and me, in Unity consciousness

All very groovy, super powerful, and hugely uniting. There was no separation. I wasn’t sure what was her energy or mine and for a frail little Alzheimer-riddled old lady, was I impressed by the strength of her soul. But I still didn’t know what I was to do next… So I just had to sit and wait until the next part of the sequence came down the pipe…

I didn’t wait long. I was next “inspired” to encircle her in our conjoined light. “Pink light Mum, imagine it, a shimmering bubble of tender pink light surrounding you, big enough to sit in, cossetting you like a baby. Holding you fast, holding you safe, nurturing you, feeding you. Feel the love and light surrounding you, take what you need from it.

“Now imagine that bubble is around us both, 3ft away, and in it both of us are holding hands, both of us enfolded in this lovelight. Feel the flow, feel the power, remember your strength.”

This heart-shaped bubble was something I grew a step at a time – first 10ft, then 20ft, 50ft, 100ft. Each time we sat, still sending this light to each other and using it to surround ourselves.

Again, I was waiting for the next part of the script. So just had to wait until the ink was dry… but hey, I was holding my Mum’s hands. Could have sat there all day…

Calling in our ancestors

Out of nowhere, I then found myself calling in all our shared ancestors, loved ones, friends and family who’d passed. I heard myself saying “they’re always around you Mum, willing you on, wishing you the best”. I called them in to stand in the middle of this vast cavern of healing light – the vigour in Mum’s hands was so strong, she was really up for this.

And in they all traipsed, dozens of them, almost as if this was something they’d been waiting for. When all who wanted it had entered, expectant stillness settled and Mum and I beamed our energy into this bubble, maybe for 10-15 mins. Super intense, I was aware of goddess energy about us.

Thinking about it after, I felt the energy to be that of Goddess Brigid – because so many sacred flames were extinguished before their time under the burden of their trauma and inherited shizzle. Snuffed out before they fulfilled their potential. Leaving a debt on the balance sheet. Whoever it was, we certainly weren’t working alone.

I found myself softly suggesting our friends and family take this energy, sluice it through their energy fields, their soul chains, into their soul families and wash away the hurts and pain, the wounds and scars. To refresh and restore themselves. That which needed to be returned to them would flow back transmuted; anything else would be washed away. And their light, their flame would burn bright (again)…

Didn’t actually know what this meant at the time. As this process continued, I was aware that it was getting lighter and lighter in my 3rd eye, so I took this to mean that the cleansing work was almost complete.

Great power. Intense silence. Stillness. Much expectation… I knew it wasn’t over. (Thinks: Ohhhh crappe, now what am I to do?) A little pause. Then it came. “Mum, all these people are here because they love you, and you have loved them. We both have. We have shared our lovelight with them today, and they have healed their ancestral wounds because of us. Now, in their turn, they’re going to send their healing light to you…”

Being the Great Central Sun whilst transmitting and receiving it

Whilst so many commentators made much last year about the so-called “Grand Solar Flare” that was coming, it was positively dismal by comparison with what happened to us in that moment. This was flashtastic! Slowly, all had turned, and one by one, their light connected with Mum, within the circle of our lovelit arms. Boom! Every one of those sweet souls beamed a cannon of lovelight at Mum. And a thousand spotlights beamed on her, the dazzling light put the Central Sun in the shade. (Well, heck, Mum is worth it…)

We sat in that intensive communion of light for several minutes until it started to wane. The healing transmission was over and it was just me and Mum again…

There was a knowingness after the transmission ended that the ancestral wounds had been erased. Also that my future ancestors and future selves (as well as my predecessors) would be able to return to this realm at a much higher level of consciousness, and sooner, because the baggage of all our past selves had been expunged. Just half an hour’s surrender to Spirit, that’s all it took to release centuries of debt, trauma, ill health, negative patterning.

For me, the energy was intense, and I was on a healing-high because of it. I was ecstatic, exultant, felt useful, felt my purpose. Heady stuff. I said bye to Mum, told her to use the energy exactly in the way as was right for her. I thanked her for being a part of this experience, and for always being there for me.

That was Sunday night. Two days later, Mum was discharged from hospital having made a spectacular recovery from the virus that has had us closeted away from each other for the last year. Of course, two weeks in carehome isolation nearly broke her, but my brother and I visited a day after she came out of isolation for St Patrick’s Day (through the square window) and you wouldn’t know she’d been ill at all!

All gloved (and loved) up!

When I visited Mum the following week, I was able to sit with her (PPEd and latex gloved-up of course). She didn’t know who I was, but then I held her hands… Mum stilled… she smiled… she squeezed my hands back. She KNEW.

Make me a channel of your peace… Such a banale little song, a full three chords if you’re lucky. But oh boy, being that bridge over someone else’s troubled waters? Such a privilege. A willing duty. A pleasure! Sail along, silver girl!

Why does healing the ancestral chain matter?

In 12 generations (about 400 years), we have 4,096 ancestors, all with a story to tell. All with a purpose, all with a mission. Some passed the test, some failed because life got in the way.

So think about the history of the land you were born to, or the countr(ies) your parents and grandparents came from.

Think about the wars, strife, famine, persecution, injustice or forced labour that occurred in that time.

How much happiness did they have? How much sorrow did they know?

What love stories might there have been, but never were? What hardship or trauma did they endure? What scandal, abuse, fear, painful death was forced upon them?

And deep inside, what hopes or dreams did they have for themselves that were never manifested?

Try imagining what your ancestors lived through so you could be here now. And take time to reflect on the patterns that repeat in your life. What negative patterning was imprinted on your DNA which might actually stem from their experiences? (Your fear of heights may have nothing to do with this lifetime, or you!)

And lastly, when you’ve done all that, imagine you’ve been waiting over 400 years to be shot of that unwanted “gift” passed down to you from someone else, who got it from someone else…

That, RIGHT THERE, is why you’re here now — to release old fear or trauma from your ancestral chain, past and future. To free up a higher, brighter future — sooner.

Channelling. From the sublime to the ridiculous…

With the sublime comes the ridiculous, and that’s the thing that inspired me to write this up. Last Weds, on returning to my body c. 4.30am, I had been “dreaming” about Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore. (Er, random. Why?) I awoke to Pete, in his inimitable drawl saying scathingly about Dud, “in that case then, he’s on the brink of being eminently so…” No, it wasn’t imagined, I heard it.

A short interlude later, I then heard Tony Bennett singing “Oh, the Good Life, full of fun, seems to be the ideal…” (Doubly random, I’m not his biggest fan, though he is very musical, and his phrasing and diction are perfect.)

When I later reached for my iPad, the first ad in my feed was for “YOU could win this car”, sponsored by (wait for it!) GOODLIFE Competitions… tickets £14.99 each.

Strike a light! Channelling (or tuning in) in a different form.

Question is, should I have bought a ticket? 😀

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Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…

Breaking the chains that bind

Just checking in. How’d you all get on with September’s energy? Up, down; loving, angry for no known reason; huge bursts of energy, then apathy… All of that no doubt, and all at the same time!

September was a huge month for energy which brought many extraordinary revelations to both the personal and collective consciousness. And it was probably a bit rocky for some of us. But if you thought October would be a time to catch your breath, think again – a further burst is on its way with the 10/10 portal opening next Thursday.

Celebrated each year, this year’s 10/10 Portal is arguably the most transformative it’s ever been – for it’s time to reconnect, recalibrate and recharge our lightbodies, and time to dive deep into our shadowlands to explore, to throw off anything that no longer serves us and select the best parts to bring into our new life in the light.

Are you ready?

Nope, none of us really are! But if you’re reading this post, you’re on the right path, and we can get you to that point soon.

We’re very good at sweeping things under the carpet, especially when they hurt too much to pick over. But this will not do any more. Holding all this old stuff in our energy fields just acts like ballast to weigh us down.

The entrance to this portal is surrounded by all our unresolved shadows, old wounds, feelings of not being good enough, worthy enough, brave enough. But oh my, how tantalising the glorious light is on the other side, if we would just step out of the shadows, step through to a land of lovely golden light.

Some of us have of course made it through to 5D already. This golden light is the light of the New Dawn, the sunrise of New Earth. A glorious place but perhaps still a little unknown… So the known is familiar, and we could be forgiven for perhaps loitering by the gateway, reluctant to step through…

But it’s time to focus on the Light, not our past shadows. If you’ve made it this far, you want to step through… Our dithery-ness is because we’re frightened of a world that we don’t understand. The sun is incomprehensible to those who have never seen it (or not seen it for the longest time!)

When I was about seven, I got a heads-up as to what it was like. I awoke from a poignantly beautiful dream. I’d been to a place of such bliss, joy, love, gold that words cannot do it justice. The skies were that divine not-a-cloud-in-the-sky blue, I seemed to be on an island of pure silver-white sand in an ocean of aquamarine waters, bathed in the most beautiful golden light. Cherished by a love so sweet that I could do little more than bite back tears at the loss, basking in the memory and the glory, not wanting to move or leave, just to BE there a bit longer.
I remember thinking in my dream “At last, thank God, I’m home!” but sobbed uncontrollably when I awoke because I was still here on Earth. I learned to dismiss it as dream. But 50 years on, I still remember that love, and the yearning to be back in its midst.
One day soon, please…

And so we cling to our more recent memories. Of being in the darkness, taunted by the shadows, feeling shame or guilt for our actions, helpless to rise up, separated from those who’ve already made it through, and dismissed by those who do not remember what we’re rising up towards anyway.

But take heart. We ALL feel a bit like this. And we just need to remember that the way out of our individual and collective darkness is through the Light.

Fear keeps us in the shadows; so do our unresolved wounds. Our pain can keep us here, but the shadowlands are not what is going to heal us, or lift us up.

What is going to heal us is boldly stepping into this beautiful new energy – and not looking back.

2020 is the year Heaven on Earth is restored. So on this 10/10, more than ever before, we are being offered the chance to break free from those habitual chains that bind us, and to explore who we really are, where we need to be individually and as a collective, and how we move forward together.

It’s no coincidence this prep work for 2020 is happening this month. October is the month of Transformation and is about death, regeneration, rebirth. It’s about choosing to go through the dark night of the soul and coming out the other side stronger. It’s a time for releasing your pain and “grief” (for the part of you you thought you had lost) so that you are ready to be of service to the world. So stand up, walk through and let the world see the new you.

The week before the 10/10 Portal

As with other portals, it isn’t just one day, there are seven days of reflection and integration either side.

So from October 3rd onwards, it’s time to start bringing into our awareness all that binds us to the old energy, the shadowlands of you. Start journaling around:

  • What has chained you in place?
  • Be honest, go deep, be true to yourself.
  • What are you chained to?
  • Look at things which don’t serve your highest interest. Behaviour patterns around people, sex, food, fags, drugs, money, gambling, control.
  • Are there people and relationships that don’t serve you?
  • Is it your job or unwanted responsibility, or an outdated sense of duty to putting others first that stops you fulfilling your potential?
  • Is it body image, or prejudice that has put the lid on your box?
  • Is it a mindset that has always whispered “but you could never do that”, “what makes you think you could ever be more than you are now”?

There are so many chains that bind us, that anchored us to the lowest density existence. Patterns, behaviours, repeating paradigms, they all need to be identified if they’re to be stopped.

If you can’t see them fully in yourself, they say they do run in the family. Have a look see what is a recurring theme… and then say aloud “and this 20/10 is where that pattern runs out!”

Have the intent to cut all dysfunctional cords that bind us to a toxic relationship, belief or pattern of behaviour. If it’s a toxic relationship with a partner, you don’t have to sever all ties, you can just declare the intent to cut the toxic cords snarling up a mutually respectful relationship – and set the intent for your relationship to be different in future. Define boundaries for yourself. Do not capitulate just because they push your buttons or manipulate you – these cords can be cut but will grow back and reattach if you return to the imbalanced behaviour that allowed them to establish in the first place.

That was about people taking too much in a relationship. Other times, it’s our “fault” for giving too much. In giving too much, we are then in a “victim” relationship, where we may become resentful that we are getting nothing in return. So we cut the ties to the person, feel good and proud of ourselves but then slip back into same old pattern of giving too much to keep the peace, or to feel loved, or to feel good about ourselves. If we set the intent to put ourself first and set a clear boundary over which we will not step (and learn to say NO!), those old energetic cords, ties and chains will not re-establish.

EXERCISE – defining what is it we need help with in the run up to 10/10? What is imprisoning us?

Look at your patterns of behaviours, disappointments or recurring problems to understand what is not right with you, and why.

  • What triggers you to act or react the way you do?
  • How much of it is real, or imagined?
  • What is it that needs to change?
  • With whom, or what?
  • Who do you need to send a heartfelt apology to?
  • Who do you need to forgive and release?

This reflection is going to be really powerful. It’s one thing to know what holds us back; another thing entirely to stop sweeping it under the carpet, and focusing on it to do change the outcome!

Jot some ideas down in your Journal. Look at what triggers you, or sets off your old, negative 3D coping mechanisms.

  • PAST: What feelings of guilt or shame do you have coming from the past?
  • FUTURE: What feelings of fear do you have regarding the future?
  • PRESENT: What feelings of inadequacy do you have in the present?

By the end of October 9th, you should have a very good picture of everything you want to unchain yourself from and a heartfelt desire to junk the lot!

10/10 Portal Day

Time to face down our fear of the unknown. Spirit (in the form of the highest energetic realms) will flood through us on 10/10 to help release the old ties and chains we have identified.

It’s time to confront our fears and baseless thoughts, these are the chains that hold us back. Are we going forwards or staying in our comfort zone (even though it’s not that comfortable)?

NO! We’re going to go forward into the golden light of 5D, and anchor the golden energy of the new Dawn in ourselves and the planet. It strikes the planet for the first time on 10/10, so it is up to us to clear our bodies of any old limiting beliefs or behaviours so that it can flow through us, and become embedded in the Earth’s energy grid, preparing the way for the precious 2020 energy.

In the shadowlands, we’ve all done things we’re not proud of. But those who teach Darkness is bad and Lightness is good have rather missed the point. The darkness and the light are inextricably linked in the eternal sacred cycle of life. The Dark serves the light, and the Light serves the dark. The self-righteous who might disdain us for our shadow lives have conveniently forgotten they’ve been there too, just ahead of us in the queue…

So just do it, step into the golden light with the purpose of embodying change on the planet and state the heartfelt intent…

Every cell in my body is rejuvenated and renewed unto LOVE.

Also, hold the intent that we activate our full Chakra lightbodies, to be forever flooded with divine White Crystal Light.

EXERCISE – Journal your thoughts, insights, messages, visions, feelings, emotions AFTER you have been through the 10/10 portal.

The week after 10/10

In the early days, fully establishing ourselves in 5D will be tough as we cannot thrive in a 5D setting, nor fully earth the energy since holding and grounding a higher frequency is a tough ask when our bodies haven’t fully upgraded yet.

So have the intent that all your Chakras will be firing up with white light, with rainbow energy flowing around you to balance and integrate you with the higher energies.

Sadly, we can’t outrun any damage we’ve done to our physical bodies this lifetime, and very regrettably, I am not going to be a stick insect again. So now is the time to set the intent to be kind to bodies that have served us so well, on a daily basis, for many years, often without a single word of thanks for its hard work…

The 10/10 portal is not about trading the Morris Minor in for the Maserati. We can’t swerve what we have put our bodies through. But we can hold the intent to give our bodies time to rest, or enjoy exercise, or find the pleasure they need by tuning in and loving our bodies.

DAILY ROUTINE – We can show our bodies how much we love them by massaging the soles of our feet each morning before we get out of bed. Or by soaking them in an Epsom or Himalayan salt bath and rubbing a blend of hemp oil and Spikenard essential oil into our feet. (Spikenard helps us detach from worldly worries and a 3D lifestyle, so it will flood up into us via all the nerve endings on the soles of our feet.) As you focus on your feet, repeat your mantra “Every cell in my body is rejuvenated and renewed unto LOVE. And it is so.” This will help to consolidate the new lightbodies emerging within us all – and will honour and respect our physical bodies, and thank them for the rigours we have put them through.

Little darlings, it’s been a long cold lonely winter…

Rainbows are nothing without sunshine AND rain. So as we move into the new Dawn, we’ll be taking the best aspects of our shadow times with us too – our experience, inner strength, courage, resilience, wisdom, understanding, compassion for those still to arrive at this point.

Understanding all this, I now feel my doubts, sense of worth and reticence about taking that running jump into 5D dissolving like a snowman on the 4th of July. It doesn’t matter a jot what I do when I get there, or completing my soul mission, or anything else that my chatterbox ego throws up to defend itself from The Great Escape…

I just have to get out of 3D and trust in the flow and process.

I hope this action plan helps you get ready for your leap into the unremembered too…

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Healing: many hands make Light work

Healing: many hands make Light work

Healing: many hands make Light work

Spirit Healing is a constant revelation, and as a Healer, I still marvel at what I'm shown and that I never see the same thing twice.

Even knowing that, what a phenomenal day it was at at a recent holistic well-being show.

Working with the healing teams is a privilege, fascinating, humbling, and there’s always something new to learn from Spirit Healing, whether you’re channelling or receiving it.

So I thought it would be useful to share the top three experiences of the day, to give you a flavour of the work the spirit healing teams can undertake for you.

Client 1

Someone came for a treatment who, upon considering the evidence, had previously been enslaved and energetically tethered.

I talked with the spirit healing teams who wanted to extend the treatment by 10 mins to see if they could complete the work in one sitting. In the treatment time, the manacles were dissolved on the left hand, and good progress was made on the right hand.

The client reported feeling the energetic work that I could see. The healer sees the ties that bind as manacles of shadowy black energy being unravelled. Essentially, the work is complete when there’s no black left.

This client will come for further healing to finish unravelling!

BTW: she looked amazing (like a 1000W light bulb was glowing inside her) and she felt amazing – and was in the hall nearly five hours later, unwilling to leave and still happily soaking up the vibes.

Client 2

A lady who’d been operated on for stomach and bone cancer two years ago. Her leg was giving her significant pain where the muscles had been cut to access the bone – they’d atrophied after being cut and she couldn’t straighten her leg any longer. Additionally, the chemotherapy had given her vertigo.

We channelled 35 mins of White Light Spirit Healing as I discovered she had been placed in a “timebox” and more would have been too much in one session.

By the end of the treatment, I could see an orb of White Light over the area of thigh that the teams had worked on.

In our post-match debrief, I mentioned this and she confirmed that yes, the pain was gone from this location.

Please note: I had no fore-knowledge of the exact site of her surgery, so I could not have projected this orb of White Light myself.

Nor could I have telepathically imposed my will on her to auto-suggest the site of her pain.

Furthermore, although the vertigo was improved, she was not the kind of person to agree an incorrect location for the site of her pain just to make me feel better about myself, not even if I were only 2 small inches out.

So however sceptical you are as a reader, I think we have to accept something beyond our normal realm was at play here – cos, frankly, I'm not that good at mind-melding!

The veracity of these results will be tested when she has an MRI scan in early June, to understand what is causing the pain. She’s going to keep in touch and let me know... I will post again then.

POSTSCRIPT: There are people you meet that you’ve known before. You know this because of something called “soul recognition”. This wonderful, feisty lady and her lovely husband fall into that category. so I was sorry to see them go.

Obligingly, fate intervened in an impressive way to detain her hubby a while longer.

A “lost soul” in the hall (someone who has died but never made it to the Light) chose that moment to enter her hubby’s body – mistaking his “Light” for “The Light”.

As a result, he felt all the excruciating back pain the lost soul had been carrying (the pain the result of a highly traumatic death). I asked the lost soul to leave the man’s body, explained the mistake it had made, and explained what was happening to both of them. I then asked The White Brotherhood to step in and gently guide the lost soul to “The Light”.

It took a bit of reassurance and persuading but the lost soul moved on... My client's husband was restored and the back pain went as quickly as it had come.

Bear in mind, I witnessed the surprise, shock and deep pain on the hubby’s face. There was no faking the agony he was in, or the cold, clammy, grey skin of someone in extremis.

But nor was there any mistaking the chill of a lost soul entering and leaving this man's body. (I only hope this poor soul had not been wandering lost for too long but know he will be receiving the very best of care on the astral plane to recuperate.)

Client 3

Someone sexually abused as a child, who was finally seeking the abuser’s prosecution for his crime.

I did not expect where the Spirit Healing teams focused their work, which was across the upper chest, neck and throat area.

On first thoughts, my ego thought this was bizarre. But as the healing progressed, I understood that the abuser had used that immortal line “Don’t bother telling anyone, no-one will believe you”. This was the alchemy that had shut down their throat chakra, the energy seat which enables speech and clear communication. (Indeed, this very probably happens to all victims.)

The throat chakra was being restored in order to give this person their strongest voice when giving testimony in open court. But it would also enable the abused person to address this issue within their family and cut all ties to these incidents, once and for all.

After the treatment, the person acknowledged that this was where the work had been focused – touching their chest, neck and throat to endorse the point. An hour later, they were still touching this area, but when our eyes met for the last time, this person indicated that the feeling was resolved and they were settling into their new "voice".

But I could see the work was complete; the Light beamed out of this person like they were Ness lighthouse! (Damme, those teams are good!)

At the end of the treatment, I shared a few exercises on releasing the ties and threads that still linked this person to their abuser. As a result of the team's work, this person is already moving on.

To conclude

Other treatments in the day meant other things to note, learn from and rejoice in.

The common theme? No two healing, restorative, transformative treatments are alike.

If you would like to see how channelled spirit healing can effect change in you, why not visit me at Robert Lummis' dedicated Healing event on Sat 17th June.

Or contact me to book a full treatment session with me at Quay Place in Ipswich.

We can even Skype your problems away!

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Enlightenment, Healing and all that New Age gubbings…

Enlightenment, Healing and all that New Age gubbings…

Enlightenment, Healing and all that New Age gubbings…

Actually, enlightenment is not New Age at all, it's very (very!) Old Age, one we've all but forgotten...

Enlightenment is a glorious, natural state of being – and dwelling in it is something our nervous systems were designed for.

But over millennia, enlightenment has become a rare occurrence, something for a select few. And because we have come to believe it is not something we should all experience, the select few have been labelled “Saints” because we can’t possibly conceive of a way this could apply to us.

Some of us have been "lost" for so long we've forgotten what it's like to be our true selves.

So, where does that leave us? It’s like we’ve got a home, but we’re having a hard time finding the front door…

But don’t be disheartened.

If you’re seeking it, enlightenment is not an impossible dream, and Spirit Healing can help get you there…

What is Enlightenment?

In a nutshell:

Enlightenment is a state where you have divested yourself of the opinions, judgments and false concepts that have shaped (or constrained) our behaviour and thinking – from our family’s values to those of teachers in our formative years, and all the way up to society's mores, politics and religion.

And, in an enlightened state, we have transcended the way our minds have learnt to rationalise our extraordinary experiences...

Our third dimension thinking has been so conditioned that we rarely experience life the way it really is these days – or is meant to be.

As a result, our minds constantly (mis)interpret our evolutionary experiences – but with enlightenment, we rise above this fogged level. The senses finally start to experience life without the logical mind butting in, enabling us to USE the mind in a transcendent state, rather than from the point of view of our intellects.

There’s nothing wrong with your intellect, of course. In fact, it’s very useful for working out if you can pay your rent and council tax this month(!), but when it comes to spiritual progress, we need to quell our mind's need to be in control.

Because there are so many layers of knowledge to be unwrapped, enlightenment is an ongoing journey and not a destination in itself – and you have to keep on going. And sometimes it'll be tough going.

But it's worth it, because as each new level unfolds, our experience of "life" changes and we "awaken" and develop spiritually.

  • We will experience a profound connection to everything, animal, mineral or vegetable.
  • We will find that there is one source for everything and everything is within that “Source”.
  • We will see we are one with God/Creator/Source (whatever definition you feel most comfortable with), in the same way that a wave is part of the ocean.
  • We will know we are one with (and part of) the entire vastness of Being, we retain our individuality but know we are not separated from the entirety.

We recognise the true nature of reality and experience life in a new (old) way – whilst enjoying our newly restored abilities, feelings and awareness.

There is an all-encompassing freedom, lightness and openness.

And euphoria and bliss too – after all, they didn’t call Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the giggling guru for nothing!

And deep peace. What troubled us before is now distant, unreal, a part of our old consciousness. The old ways of being are abandoned because they no longer serve us, or the highest good of our global nation.

Transcending your physical state whilst remaining in your physical body

In some ways, we have transcended our physical state, but the needs of our physical bodies cannot be ignored or forgotten.

If we have ignored our physical and energetic bodies for too long and blockages may occur – and these may become manifest in our physical bodies (as dis-ease, stress, illness).

So, on the way to our enlightened state, we will meet many hurdles.

But there are many ways up the mountain to your spiritual goal. The important thing is to get there!

This is where WHITE LIGHT SPIRIT HEALING plays such an important part.

What is White Light Spirit Healing?

WHITE LIGHT SPIRIT HEALING is a natural therapy where transformative energy is channelled through to the person needing help.

If our energies are unbalanced or depleted, White Light will be sent where it is required, without either the Healer (SJQ) or the Healee (you) even thinking about it.

  • This channelled energy might top up your batteries.
  • It might help you throw all that (karmic) baggage out of your rucksack that's holding you back.
  • Or it might act to repair damage to the body’s systems, so that everything (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) runs perfectly again at the higher frequencies.

White Light Spirit Healing - how it works

Whatever, we are all different and have had different challenges on our route to where we are now, so healing works differently for every person – and no two experiences will be the same.

But what we can say is that White Light facilitates the healing process by clearing blocks in the energy fields, whether they're in our physical or energetic bodies.

The aim is to repair and rebalance the body’s energy so that we can enable the body to access its inherent ability to heal itself.

Spirit healing can also help identify “issues” from our subtle bodies before they manifest as pain or health problems in the physical body.

Healing reveals the unseen, unacknowledged areas we need to work through in order to bring our lives back to balance, harmony and vitality.

Future progress will be up to you, and if you choose to continue on a development path, there are many excellent schools, processes and established philosophies to help you on your journey to enlightenment.

But WHITE LIGHT SPIRIT HEALING is about clearing the “junk from your trunk” so you can ready yourself for the journey and all the glorious changes ahead for you.

Once our systems are working properly, there’s nothing tethering you to these lower states of consciousness and you will be on your way to enlightenment.

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