Wondering how Spirit Healing might help you?

Here’s how White Light helped with back pain and headaches...

I was very kindly offered healing by Sarah-Jane as I was suffering with back pain. It was a wonderful, relaxing, healing experience.

We chatted in general on the telephone, and then discussed my recurrent back pain, when it originally started, and what could have triggered the reason/need for this pain. It was very thought-provoking.

Sarah-Jane then led me through a beautiful guided meditation which sent me into a state of deep relaxation in the comfort of my own sofa! I felt various sensations, including energy flowing down my legs (I'm assuming it was negative energy releasing/escaping) and also some sensations in my head (I have also been having recurrent headaches).

When the meditation ended, Sarah-Jane explained that the healing teams would continue to work on me for as long as necessary, and as long as I wanted them to.

I felt relaxed and refreshed afterwards, and have continued to analyse the reasons for pain and what the discussion had brought up. My back pain continued to improve, and whilst I would not claim it was a miracle cure, it certainly helped me to relax cramped muscles, connected me to myself, and helped me begin to work out what the reasons might be behind the pain.

I would certainly recommend Sarah-Jane; if you are not sure what White Light Spirit Healing entails, just contact her for a reassuring chat.

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