Wondering how Spirit Healing might help you?

It’ll take more than raw onions to put the Spirit Healing teams off their stride!

“I had a healing session with this beautiful lady last night — OMG it was amazing. I really felt all the energy she was channelling come through me and all the angels were gathered around me; I felt like a baby, with complete love surrounding me like a soft blankie!

“I had an amazing sleep too — a bit trippy at times with colours but wow it was all good!

“I was fighting the lurgy and I have to say that today I am feeling so much better; my body is slightly purging but I always see that as a positive.

“Thank you so much, you are lovely and such a warm person, I totally recommend you.
“Much love, K xoxo

PS: I apologise again for the Eau d’Onions, hehehe!”

(SJ says: Gentle Reader, who needs Red Onion when you can have White Crystal Light, eh?)


Distance Healing and how White Light helps with back pain and headaches...

“I was very kindly offered healing by Sarah-Jane as I was suffering with back pain. It was a wonderful, relaxing, healing experience.

“We chatted in general on the telephone, and then discussed my recurrent back pain, when it originally started, and what could have triggered the reason/need for this pain. It was very thought-provoking.

“Sarah-Jane then led me through a beautiful guided meditation which sent me into a state of deep relaxation in the comfort of my own sofa! I felt various sensations, including energy flowing down my legs (I'm assuming it was negative energy releasing/escaping) and also some sensations in my head (I have also been having recurrent headaches).

“When the meditation ended, Sarah-Jane explained that the healing teams would continue to work on me for as long as necessary, and as long as I wanted them to.

“I felt relaxed and refreshed afterwards, and have continued to analyse the reasons for pain and what the discussion had brought up. My back pain continued to improve, and whilst I would not claim it was a miracle cure, it certainly helped me to relax cramped muscles, connected me to myself, and helped me begin to work out what the reasons might be behind the pain.

“I would certainly recommend Sarah-Jane; if you are not sure what White Light Spirit Healing entails, just contact her for a reassuring chat.”

But pictures paint a thousand words...

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