The light that attracts Light… is you.

The Dawning of the Age of AquariusI just knew that was going to happen!

Ever had one of those moments when you know with absolute certainty what’s going to happen next?

Those moments aren’t about coincidences. There’s more at play than that.

I was reminded of this last week when I went to interview a prospective cleaner for a friend’s business. She was living in one of those DIY-SOS “works in progress” where the hubby has attacked every room with gusto but run out of energy, time, money, enthusiasm, so has finished none. Stoically, she was making the best of this. The only place to sit was amongst the make-do-and-mend projects stacked in the hallway — sitting on some garden chairs that had seen better decades and were being revamped (or consigned to the wood-burning stove, I forget which…)

As I settled into the chair, the very clear thought came that the chair was going to collapse. Not a projection, or unfounded fear. An absolute knowingness. But how was I going to say I prefer to stand, thanks? So I sat, and I waited…

Didn’t have to wait long. 20 mins later, kerflop, to my embarrassment and hers. (Perversely, the floor was sturdy enough, so regrettably it didn’t swallow either of us.)

But the experience got me wondering about TIME, how I’d known this was going to happen with such certainty and thus the outdated concept of past, present and future. I created that moment.

The influence of the past

All that has already happened in this world, and the light and sound vibrations of all those events are all still in motion. And they stay in motion until the “momentum” behind them, and the dynamic that created them, is released.

An imprint of the momentum of those events, even those long since past (perhaps even ancient), is held in our DNA, and held for seven generations.

There’s the importance of “7” again. Moons and seventh houses, seven sisters, seventh heaven, seven palaces, seven energy centres — and yes, even seven generations.

That’s 254 ancestors for you, all with their own experiences and unresolved momentums, all who are influencing you because of the seven generations before them that influenced their DNA. Their epigenetic momentum is living out through your thoughts and feelings, even your experiences.

The continuum of the future

Such is the continuum of the past. Good and bad.

But there’s also a continuum of the future — where all that’s to come already exists. The primordial soup (if you like) of all the components of the future, all waiting for the “confluence” point to coalesce and “assemble” in the future of NOW.

So having foreknowledge that your chair is about to collapse is your intuition tuning into all that which has the potential to assemble and manifest around you.

Intuition is the clear “sight” or cognisance of all the influences that exist amongst the component parts, in the present, that come together to build the future.

These components contain tipping points that trigger the potential (or the “inclinations”) present in this soup, and when the tipping point is tripped, these possibilities become probabilities and so the tendencies assemble the outcome.

Think about your own life for a while. If you trace your steps back from any event, you see that everything that’s going to be already exists. It’s simply that it has not yet been assembled.

But if you expand your awareness beyond the limiting concept of “time”, you enjoin the momentum that is assembling the future to become the NOW.

No time like the present (literally)

So, long story short, that’s how I knew the chair was going to collapse.

Over the past few years, I have tried increasingly to live in the NOW moment, trying to stop dwelling in the past or planning for the future — the only time is NOW but the “now” moment is the assembly point of the future.

You could argue that from my awareness of the future, I could have changed the direction it took by not sitting in the chair in the first place, but that spoils the flow, so I’m not going down that rabbit hole today…

What does the future look like?

Fascinating, I hear you cry, but how does this help usher in the new, golden, Aquarian age?

Well, I’m glad you asked that. It’s simple. Know that everything you can imagine is real.

Stretch your awareness beyond single sequences to focus on the CONsequence of all our actions. Hold the intent to assemble all the good that is around us (from within and without) and bring it into the present. Do it with the highest benefit of all as your goal — and the entire golden assembly of the future will appear, in all its positive forms, now.

You bring it into being, now. All because you put your influence on the confluence.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
Pablo Picasso

The future is perfect

We all want a better world, so we are beginning to focus on what it feels or smells like, and how we can create it.

Thus the momentum of our collective wishes are all around us, in our thoughts and in those coded imprints we inherited in our DNA.

So we take those components and pull them into our conscious now to build (or assemble) the future… NOW.

That is alchemy. The ability to influence the old world through broadcasting benevolent intentions, assembled from all our benevolent intentions (and all our benevolent ancestors who’ve fallen flat on their backsides too!)

Remember, light attracts light. So a golden future is a reflection of EVERY single moment in time. Assembled within an intentional process. All the waves of energy that ever were, are or will be combining their momentum to affect every other “moment” that has or will ever exist.

Eliminate the negative

Want to try your hand at it? Just focus on what would be for the highest intent and you will call that energy to you, like a moth to a flame.

Don’t assemble our future if you’re being assaulted by the negativity being used to subvert man’s rise into the Golden Age.

I’m going to break my rule about even mentioning negative influences here, because it’s vital to understand this is the primary way our thinking has been controlled. For instance, if you fear a future of mass vaccinations that could sterilise our children, you give it energy just by considering it. So don’t fight it, or fear it. Just put your focus on a future where this is not possible, or probable — because this is not where your intent is, and not what you are creating.

Instead, put your attention on the ever-present possibilities and continuous connections around us, use them to bring forth your benevolent goals into being, now, and work with these waves of momentum to assemble a better life on Earth, for everyone.

So, just know that we really are so close. Don’t be distracted by Brexits, vaccine passports or any other propaganda. Live instead in faith and hope of the new times and actively seek out the joy and bliss that’s a part of all our existences.

Aquarius. It’s an Air sign. So breathe life into a Golden Age, and breathe love and white light into the world, alchemising good health, good fortune and sovereignty for all, and creating a nurturing homestead for all that call this planet home, that their needs all be met too.

In the NOW, we may not have gone where we intended, but we will all end up where we need to be. For this is the time we’ve been waiting for…

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars…

Posted by Sarah-Jane Quick

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