What I Do For You

What I do for you

My name’s SARAH-JANE QUICK and I’m a qualified and insured Healing Practitioner — and I’ve been around the block a few times, so I know about life and how it can have you howling at the moon sometimes.

There are two ways I can help you, either through working with the Spirit Healing teams, or by offering Divine I AM Transmissions, either to individuals or to groups of people.

White Light Spirit Healing

In a nutshell, I use my intuitive gifts as a Healer to work with White Crystal Light and the Spirit Healing teams to help you become your best you yet.

I channel healing energy from a higher dimension and work with the Spirit Healing teams to help you transmute the ailments and attachments that may be holding you back.

If you’re new to the idea of Spirit Healing, it’s tricky to put it in simple terms that don’t start sounding all woo-woo-voodoo. (And it’s definitely not that!)

But you don’t need to understand Gravity or Newton’s 2nd Law to trip up and fall down. (Babies master that theory as soon as they start trying to walk.) Equally, you don’t have to be spiritual to benefit from spirit healing. And you don’t need to understand how any of it works to benefit from spirit healing’s transformative energy.

If you’re mentally or physically drained, a healing session can help you relax, feel happier and more balanced — and get you a great night’s sleep, perhaps for the first time in ages.

But it is more powerful and profound than that. For instance, if you’ve had a difficult time of it, or have noticed how things always go wrong just as they should be going right, healing can dissolve the causes of this uninvited sabotage.

You just need an open mind, and a heartfelt desire for things to change.

If that’s you, what are you waiting for? Healing tasters are available as well as full hour-long private sessions.

Divine I AM Healing Transmissions

But… I am also proud to channel White Crystal Light in Divine I AM Transmissions. The Divine I AM Transmission Model is where I act as a Channel to connect you with the energy fields of Mother Earth and Christ Consciousness (the Planetary Grid) and merge these energies within the Integration point of the Soul — or your Divine I AM Presence.

Simply surrender to the energy and release all the negative physical and emotional aspects of your Human Story whilst opening up to Higher Realms, to new gifts and new possibilities…

Transmission Facilitation is a relatively new form of Energy Healing Transformation, but one with ancient mystical roots. I channel these beautiful energies into an open space (a room for example) — through Intention, Voice, Sound and (for every new energy accessed), a carefully selected and exquisitely uplifting Aroma from Oshadhi Essential Oils.

When you are seeking to make change and spiritual progress, grab it from wherever it comes… including the intensely spiritual (akashic) values within plant consciousness!

These transmissions are incredibly powerful as they accelerate your transformation and bring about quantum leaps in your growth. During each Transmission, I harness these Higher Energies, together with different Light frequencies, Codes, Wisdoms and Unconditional Love, to facilitate Healing, Clearing and Activation. These incredible transmissions work through all layers of your auric body. And everything about you is transformed, from the cellular level (releasing emotions, memories) to the multidimensional level (activating energy centres).

> Where you might prefer a Divine I AM transmission over traditional healing is if you have something particularly painful or difficult to clear. With a Divine I AM transmission, there’s no need to revisit your past and pick over the pain in order to release it. Just close your eyes, surrender to the flow, and let the energies wash it all away…

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