Winter is a necessity before Spring can come…

Living in tune with your Soul’s purpose…

We may not like the times we live in. But we were born now for a reason, so let Love & White Light help you fulfil your soul purpose…

What I do, how I can help

My name’s SARAH-JANE QUICK and I’m a qualified and insured Healer. And I’ve been around the block a few times, so I know about life.

How can Spirit Healing help you?

In a nutshell, I use my gifts as a Healer to work with White Light and the Spirit Healing teams to help you become your best you yet.

I channel White Crystal Light healing energy from a higher dimension and work with the Spirit Healing teams to fix you!

And I can do this as a one-to-one private treatment, or in Groups for those wanting to be empowered by a Group Energy Transmission.

If you’re new to the idea of Spirit Healing, it’s tricky to put it in simple terms that don’t start sounding all woo-woo-voodoo. (And it’s definitely not that!)

But you don’t need to understand gravity and Newton’s 2nd Law in order to trip up — or fall down. (Babies nail that concept as soon as they start trying to walk.)

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How Spirit Healing can help you

Using my gifts as a Healer, I can help make your day-to-day life better; you’ll have less aggravation and more fun.

I help you understand “why” life is as it is for you by showing you the underlying issues that may have caused problems and blockages.

To do this, I offer one-to-one Healing treatments (in person, via Zoom or on Facetime) and Guided sessions and workshops — where you visualise what is holding you back and start to clear it.

Within your one-to-one Healing session, I place my attention on your insights into areas you feel hold you back and that need healing.

The healing experience is totally personalised to your needs. There is no one-size fits all approach. (Because we’ve all had different experiences, in this life and beyond…)

When the Spirit Teams for Healing have enough intel to go on, I bow out and let a much (much!) higher intelligence take over, channeling a transformative, loving, infinitely giving energy to help the Divine and Perfect You emerge.

Why should I try White Light Spirit Healing?

A New Earth beckons. We are on the brink of permanent change, thanks to the beautiful, transformative energy pouring into our planet.

You can see this in our renewed concern for the planet, its people, its kingdoms, and a determination for things to be different.

This new energy will rid us of the false beliefs that have constrained our behaviours and thinking, holding us back.

These new vibrations are uplifting, but also unsettling until we adjust. So we need White Light Spirit Healing — as much as anything because it’s a waste to pour fresh wine into old bottles!

To embed change, you need to work with a frequency higher than your own, so that damage to souls, subtle bodies and links to past lives, events or places can be erased.

Many therapies work well in the 3rd dimension — but in the 4th dimension our trusted techniques are ineffective and we need higher healing frequencies to progress to the 5th dimension.

It’s OK! They’ve done their job. Go within, go deep. Let White Light remove what holds you back — and start your ascent!

How can you benefit from White Light Spirit Healing?

White Light Spirit Healing is a natural healing therapy where transformative White Crystal Light is channelled to anyone in need of help, wherever it is needed in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body.

With assistance from the Spirit Healing teams, White Light Spirit Healing will:

  • Make you feel HAPPY (yay!)
  • Release tension, reduce stress and anxiety, help to heal trauma
  • Release or unblock suppressed emotions and allow them to flow
  • Reduce physical pain, back problems, migraines, insomnia
  • Provide recuperative support for chronic diseases and illness
  • Prepare the body for surgery, clear and repair your energy fields post-op, reduce bloodloss, remove the side-effects of anaesthesia and reinforce the immune system (to support speedier recovery processes)
  • Help you release limiting beliefs — I help you find the repeating patterns in your life, help you dissolve the cause and release the experience (very often, they aren’t even your beliefs!)
  • Improve learning abilities and remove revision and exam stress
  • Improve self-confidence and sense of your Divine I AM self
  • Improve your relationships and social life by removing or settling conflicts
  • Clear blocks of various kinds, especially ancient karmic wounds that are replayed across many lifetimes, affecting some or all areas of our body, soul, systems and life
  • Connect and align to your true life purpose and passion, effortlessly creating the life that you want
  • Reconnect to our core selves
  • Expand our consciousness, experience our I AM oneness and our (inter)connection with others, with the Earth and with the Universe

In time, SJ will be adding a set of case histories to this site to show how Spirit Healing and channeled White Light has helped others make progress.

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